I BeLeaf

I tried to upload a picture that I'd made (and later modified for the Leafs) but didn't seem to be allowed to.  Plus appearently I needed more than 75 words to make a first post.  I guess that makes sense from a spam point of view, but considering I was just looking to showcase a pic it KINDA stops me.

So yeah... I guess, since I need to probe I'm not a spam bot in my first post here, the story of how I became a Leaf fan and what that has meant through the time I've known and been a part of the "Sons Of '67" (yeah, I've read some of the old posts around here :S ) follows.... NOW:
[P.S.: it gets more than a BIT long winded]

Way back in 1989 I was looking forward to being four years old.  That means I was only three (and if you didn't need that sentence, then congratulations, you've passed some math in your life and are also NOT a spambot who needs a certain number of words for a post to count).  That also means I was an idiot.  In that I assumed since Lanny McDonald had the same last name as the clown mascot from a major food chain (that I didn't even like, really... aside from those pizzas they used to have, but even those tasted like cardboard, what was up with that? God I was stupid...) they were definately related and both as cool as all [insert the three year old's version of "fuck"].  Especially because of the moustache.

And then Lanny and Dougie and Theo and the rest won the Cup.

And then Lanny retired.

And at that point I needed a new favourite player to look up to in my (now) four year old mind.  Enter Dougie Gilmour.

Enter Cliff Fletcher's trade.

Enter Wendel (good Saskatchewan boy like myself) Clark and the rest of the rag tag bunch of left behinds that were the Maple Leafs.

Some goalie that no one had heard of (at the time)? Check.  A top draft pick out of Saskatchewan that other teams feared to be body checked from (let alone fight)? Check.  A supporting cast of "regular guys" that could muck out a win despite the long odds?  Check.  A first liner whose trade made the hockey world take notice?  Check.

Enter Dougie Gilmour and the 92-93 Leafs.

Walk anyone through that playoff run let alone a kid of seven or eight (fresh off the first Blue Jays World Series title that showed that ANYTHING was possible) and tell me it wasn't magical.  Tell me you weren't inspired by those seven games against Detroit when the underdogs beat the big dogs.  Tell me you remember a better goal than Dougie showing CuJo which way the weather blows.  Tell me you forget Wendel taking Joseph's head off.  Tell me... game six didn't end that way...
Fuck Kerry Fraser.

Dougie and Wendel will rise again... Dougie and Mats will rise again... Mats and Berezin will rise again... Mats and Roberts will rise again... Mats and Karbele will... ... Karbele and McCabe will... Karbele and...

Fucking Aki Berg, scurge of all existense... *shakes fist*
Kaberle and... the rest? will... fucking Antropov ("why U no good?") and Ponikarovsky ("why U even worse?").

Kessel and... *************************
I beLeaf.


I believe in Bozak being better than people give him credit for.

I believe in Schenn being all he's supposed to be.

I believe in Colby Armstrong being a dick.  But in a good way because he plays for the Leafs and not someone else.

I believe in Mickey Grabs being able to fuck up the ENTIRE Montreal bench, not just the Kostitsyns.

I believe in Kulemin... Nothing fancy, I just believe in Kulemin.

I believe Clarke Mac is worth all the cap space his agent wants next year.

I believe the old posts around here of "who the fuck is Tim Brent?" have been answered (yes, I read those)

I believe Keith Auilie is ready for the NHL... and God help anyone that doesn't at this point, the boy is a MOUNTAIN.

I believe James Reimer is for real.

Think about that.

A full year.

SEVERAL full years.

Think about that.

I believe in Mike Brown's moustache.

I believe Dion can still be Dion.

I believe the Ducks got screwed when they lost Gardiner AND Lupul.

I believe Gunnerson can handle  the weight of Kaberle.

I believe Kessel was worth it.
I believe we could do worse than Lebda (fucking Aki Berg...)
I believe Komisarek is overpaid, but competent (two mill less and you wouldn't complain; exagerated free agent market/right/wrong season to negotiate in, etc)

I believe in this year.

And next.
I beLeaf.

What about you?

Also, I tried to post an image based on a picture I made saying "Blarg I'm A Shark! What Have YOU Done Today?" only it said "BLARG!  I'M A LEAFS FAN! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY?" and appearently I couldn't.  Could anyone help me with that?  It's KINDA funny to see the great white shark sprouting pro-Leaf ideas. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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