Post Season Matchups - Who do you like ?

Ok ok ok.. I know... The Maple Leafs did not make the Post season  -  

BUT ! ...  they did get closer this year than they did last year and I am still arguing that had they had Reimer at the start of the season, ... you could chalk up about 10 more wins. Last season The Maple Leafs finished 15th in the East at 30-38-14 .. This year they were 10th in the East with a finishing record of 37-34-11 ... If my Theory was right and if you did start with OptimusReim in goal you probably would have finished 47-24-11 and that would have given them 105 points instead of 85 points and that would have put them at the 5th Seed. So throw in Jerry "Dont Call me Seinfeld" D'Amigo, Fratten, Cobourn, with Kadri and the MGK line .... Keep Monster and Reimer in goal with the Captaincy of Phaneuf,.... and you have a DAMN GOOD TEAM next year. 

I think they will give my FLYERS a good fight (I love the Rivalry!).. 

Now with that being said......

The Playoffs seedings are set..

In the EAST 

1. Washington vs 8. NY Rangers (GOD I HATE this team and their fans too !)

2. FLYERS vs Buffalo

3. Boston vs Montreal (Freaken Habs !!! reminds me of George "Can'tstandsya" from Seinfeld)

4. Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay (yeah .. there is a Hockey Haven ... NOT!!) 

In the WEST 

1. Overall NHL Leader Vancouver vs .... Taaadaaaaa Surprise !!! Dallas (haha Chicago ! get your golf clubs ready!)

2. San Jose vs Los Angeles

3. Detroit vs Phoenix

4. Anaheim vs Nashville 


Hey Deep Dish Pizza Eaters !!! ahahahahahaaaa.... No Post Season for you to defend your Stanley Cup !!!!! 

Ok so whats your predictions...

My Heart goes with the FLYERS all the time every day but .. I think the FLYERS will have a fight on their hands with going 8-8-7 in their last 23 Games and the Sabres being one of the hottest teams Lately going 28-11-6 since January 01st. Now with all that being said.. Miller is hurt and not the same, If the FLYERS can Contain Vanek, ... and if Briere wants to beat the Sabres really bad as he does... I am saying.. FLYERS in 7 games.

now the other matchups

Washington vs Rangers = Callahan is out, .. Ovechkin is in.. Rangers crushed Washington 3 times this year .. however.. I dont think that the Stinkin' Rangers have the FirePower of the Capitals.  Capitals in 5 games. 

Boston vs Montreal = Original Six Matchup.. Interesting with the whole Max Pacioretty - Zdeno Chara incident - Montreal Bowed up their chests saying that they were going to get even and crush Boston and yet they left that game with their Tails between their legs and looking for a hot plate of Poutine and Frogs legs. If FATTY Thomas gets his game on,... Price will be again over his head ... and the Canadians will have another First round Exit. Boston in 5 games.

Next is the Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay matchup.

hhmm... This is the one that can go either way... Depending on which Fleury is in Goal for the flightless birds. I am going to say... UPSET.. Tampa in 6 games !!!

ON to the West...

Vancouver vs Dallas... Nice of you to make an appearance and push out the Blackhawks but lets get real... Is it really any question who wins this ?..  'Nucks in 4 games.

San Jose vs Los Angeles - its April so that means that the San Jose First Round Elimination in the Post Season must be here too... UPSET !!!  Niemi cant handle Kopitar !!! Terry Murray and the Kings in 6 games !!! Teal is not a Post Season Dominate Color ... Sorry !!!

Detroit vs Phoenix - what can I say.. My heart and my mind tell me... UPSET !!! Breezy and the YOTES Embarrass the Ken Holland Dynasty !!! Phoenix in 6 games. 

Anaheim vs Nashville - Thanks again for showing up Nashville, Maybe next year with your Mustard Colored Jerseys .. but your no match for Penner, Hiller and Getzlaff. 


So thats my prediction... What are your predictions ??? 

What I love about this time of the year is hearing everyone's Predictions and reasoning and then coming back after the First round to see what 8 teams are left and who's predictions were on and who's were off... 

But there are no right or wrong answers.. just guessing. SO 


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