Swedish Goalies

François Allaire is going to be a key drawing card for this prospect, just as he was for Jonas Gustavsson. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)

My Google Reader is remarkably short of Leafs content today, but I suppose given the circumstances, that's not exactly surprising. The only tidbit I found (and I suspect many of you will have read it already) was a story published yesterday at MLHS that said the Leafs are interested in another Swedish goalie prospect named Mark Owuya. The original link is from Aftonbladet, which, although I don't read Swedish, seems to me like a reliable source.

Alex Tran had this to say about him:

Now in terms of playing style, this is where most comparisons can be thrown out the door. Standing at 6’2, Owuya possesses adequate size for a goaltender but does not play a true stand-up or butterfly style. The technical skills in terms of smooth transitions and sound positioning aren’t quite as sharp as they should be, nor does he boast the kind of elite athleticism or quickness that would supposedly be able to compensate.

And THAT'S how you credit a blog for finding and translating an article. Hey Toronto Sun, are you taking notes?

Other NHL links after the jump.

The Only Other Leafs Link:

Why Isn’t Pat Quinn in the Hall-of-Fame?
Michael Langlois ponders the question at VLM. Published yesterday.

Playoff Coverage (Mostly From The Globe):

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Philadelphia goaltender Brian Boucher comes up big in Philadelphia’s 5-4 Game 2 win on Saturday.

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Early goals by Cammalleri and Darche give Montreal a commanding 2-0 series lead heading back to Montreal.

Ducks’ Ryan suspended two games for stomping
Anaheim forward banned after reckless play on Nashville defenceman. By Jonathon Blum.

Doughty paces Kings past Sharks
LA defenceman scores a pair of goals in 4-0 Game 2 win over San Jose.

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara hospitalized overnight for dehydration
I guess you all heard about this one, but it looks like the overlords missed an FTB, so I'm throwing this in for good measure.

Jersey Fouls Extra: Vancouver Canucks fan plans the parade
Normally, I think jersey fouls are for dorks, but this one really goes above and beyond.

Saturday’s Three Stars
Sean Leahy with his three picks.



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