Looking Ahead

The time has come to do two things: first, Leafs fans will start thinking about the playoff-bound team(s) to which they will grudgingly loan their mercenary support. A Montreal-Boston series would be a win-win situation in my view, with the Habs either being knocked out of the playoffs, or the Bruins' pick dropping a few places. Ditto for a Buffalo-Philadelphia series. As for what happens in the Western Conference, it can be tricky business, deciding which team(s) you hate the least. Here's a link to the standings.

The second item on the agenda for Leafs fans is the commencement of speculation about what the Leafs will look like going into next season, and what it will mean for their cap situation. Who is Brian Burke going to acquire to back-up or platoon with James Reimer? Under what rock will we find a superstar centre? Will Tyler Bozak earn North of $2 million per year? Jon S, from Puckin' Eh, has a few thoughts:

Initially I would have lobbied lower for Bozak, and I still would not commit to more than 2 years term, but his skill level warrants this and he cannot be affordably replaced using the free agent market. Much like my conclusion on Clarke MacArthur, I have no idea what Bozak will get, but if it is under $1.9 Million I think a good deal was done.

More news from around the league after the jump.

Leafs Links:

What should the 2011-12 Maple Leafs look like?
Answer: We won't know until later on in the summer, but it's hard to help ourselves from speculating anyway.

Hoes and Toronto Maple Leafs are how he rolls.
I have nothing to add to this.

Other Hockey Links:

NHL's Draft Guru Passes
EJ McGuire, former assistant coach for the Philadelphia Flyers, and director of Central Scouting has lost his battle with cancer. Lowetide looks at some of his contributions over at The Leafs Nation.

Thursday’s Three Stars
Pavelec, Kesler, and Butler crack Wyshynski's three today.

Minnesota Duluth advances to NCAA title game
Bulldogs advance to second straight Frozen Four championship match with 4-3 victory over Notre Dame.

Fan throws salmon at Canucks game, creeps out ref
I was watching the Canucks-Wild game last night, and then this happened.

With 4-game ban, NHL makes Raffi Torres its playoff scarecrow
Wyshynski with video and a few comments on the Torres hit.

The best goal Gordie Howe ever scored, according to my Dad
Reminiscence from Michael Langlois.

Sens owner refuses to divulge plans for Murray, Clouston
He said he "thought that on paper, we had a team that would easily go into the playoffs, the discussion was how deep we would go." It's good to laugh.


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