Gearing Up For Friday

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 09: Center Brad Richards #91 of the Dallas Stars skates in the shootout against the Calgary Flames at American Airlines Center on March 9, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

There are all kinds of little tidbits of news trickling in this week. Minor trades are being made, Jaromir Jagr looks to be on the verge of deciding which team he'll return to, Kirk Muller has a new home, Bieksa's been re-signed, and there's more chatter about Brad Richards, of course. Moreover, with the deadline for tendering qualifying offers to potential RFA's passing last night (see PPP's post below), there are new potential UFA targets (Bergfors, anyone?) and more dollar figures to speculate on. In short, there are plenty of links to mull over this morning in today's FTB.

One story that has the potential to be Leafs-heavy in terms of player content is the upcoming vote on new inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Former Buds Joe Nieuwendyk, Doug Gilmour, Dave Andreychuk, Ed Belfour, and even Eric Lindros will get some consideration. Stay tuned for a post from PPP on this subject later in the day, but for now, here is Wyshynski's prediction:

Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour, with Ed Belfour spending a year in HOF jail for offering the Dallas police a billion-dollar bribe to stay out of jail in 2000. Both centers have Cup rings and accolades that Oates does not.

Bure deserves the Hall. Lindros is on the cusp, but we'd let him in. If either one is in the Class of 2011, it would be a pleasant surprise. We just don't expect it.

Here's hoping I've got enough stuff to distract you from whatever work you're supposed to be doing. More after the jump.

Leafs Links:

Is Brad Richards the right fit for the Leafs?
Michael Langlois thinks that while Richards would certainly be a boon to our offense, we should temper our expectations of what he could bring.

The case for Niclas Bergfors
Cam Charron thinks there's a bargain to be had here, and he explains why at The Leafs Nation. Here's hoping that the decision not to qualify Bergfors wasn't just a move to get out of arbitration.

Meeting George Armstrong
One local hockey fan describes a long talk he had with the Leaf legend at the draft in Minnesota

Other Hockey Links:

Bieksa signs deal with Canucks
Burke can't sign him! Huzzah! (It's not as though I'm so opposed to having him on my team. I just think he'd have wound up with some ridiculous contract.) Here's the reaction over at Nucks Misconduct.

Jeff Carter finally speaks on Columbus trade
"I'm in Columbus now," Carter said. "I'm not worried about what's going on (in Philadelphia) anymore."

Report: Jaromir Jagr Decision Coming Soon
In a story dug up by FrankD at PensBurgh, Jagr's agent Petr Svoboda that the picture will be a lot clearer tomorrow... which is today, since this is an article written yesterday.

Kirk Muller leaves the Habs for AHL job
Former Montreal assistant named head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals. Story from Chris Johnson of the CP at the Globe.

Panthers land forward Tomas Kopecky
Just in case you didn't see this yesterday, Florida sent their seventh-round draft pick to Chicago for Kopecky's negotiating rights.

Wild trade for Darroll Powe
Again, you may have seen this yesterday, but just in case, Minnesota shipped their third-round pick in 2013 to Philadelphia.

If Hulsizer’s out, what are Phoenix Coyotes’ ownership options?
Wyshynski has links to Scott Burnside and the Phoenix Business Journal, among others.


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