Oh, Nazem.

Probably the best piece of Leafs-related web content available this morning comes to us via TSN Radio, as James Cybulski & Co. interview Nazem Kadri. The conversation drifts from golf to off-season training regimes, to his thoughts on playing wing instead of center. For me, the highlight of the interview was when he began to talk (somewhat jokingly, admittedly) about his rating on NHL '11. He's a fun interview; I'll give him that.

NK: I think [my rating] definitely could be better, but you know, hopefully, that'll all improve next year.

JC: I know the guy that does the ratings, I could talk to him if you want.

NK: Yeah, you gotta pump my tires, get me into the high-70's, at least.

JC: Get you into the high-70's, where at least you're starting to finish a little more, right? Because no one wants a guy that's in like, the low-60's or anything on their team, right?

NK: Yeah, and honestly, I think my snapper could be a little harder, too. Might wanna talk to him about that.

For those of you who can't listen to this because you're at work (it's streamed as video, even though it's really only the audio you get), there's a transcript of some of the interview available over at MLHS. They only have the "serious" questions and answers listed there, so you'll have to wait until you get home to hear the whole thing.

More after the jump.

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