The Difference Between Good and Great

10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess who this is without looking it up.

In Defense of Intangibles: Phil Kessel and the OK Plateau - Danny Gray at Leafs Nation

The studies suggest that those who engage in deliberate practice and encourage constant feedback are most likely to see improvement. Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin have both demonstrated a dedication to working on all aspects of their game and engaging in deliberate practice, the results have been evident. Players must be willing to practice the right way and with a willingness to fail and to be criticized. Not every NHL player likes to practice that way. There are countless examples of supremely skilled players who could never "put it together"; they were stuck on the OK Plateau. What would we see if we could look at the brain of Ovechkin or Crosby during a game? Their neurological activity would look completely different than that of a 4th line player or "AHL Superstar". Alas, we do not currently possess the technology to do this.

So that's why I've never been able to correct my slice. Damn. At least my short game's been getting better. Flop shot FTW.

More links after the jump.

Tomas Kaberle's Bizarre Stanley Cup Celebration

There were swords, shields, pink overalls, and Cadillacs. That's more acid trip than it is Cup celebration.

Prospects to Watch Series: Sondre Olden

Leafs Nation Online looks at the 2010 3rd rounder.

What to Expect: Tyler Bozak

Maple Leafs Digest looks into the crystal ball for Bozie42. See's an arcade game purchase.

Season in Review: Defencemen

Joe and MLHS looks back at the season that was on the blue line.

Poaching Players with Offer Sheets is Futile

Scott Burnside, and many GMs, think offer sheets are pointless.

Chris Campoli Wants to be a Leaf

Lol. Ain't gonna happen.

What Liles Ahead

JML talks up the Leafs on Suite 101

30 NHL Teams; 30 Big Questions

I'll save you the time. "If the Leafs suck, does Burke make it look like he's doing stuff." Wait what?

Leafs Fans Are Absolutely Everywhere

Mike at VLM is amazed at the variance among the blue and white faithful.

With Enroth Signed, NHL Goalie Situation Set

Uh hey Burke, Gustavsson blows. Pick up Emery.

Doc Emrick Joins NBC/Versus Exclusively

And lo there was much rejoicing from the hockey community in the greater NYC area such as myself.

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