Wendel Clark vs Marty McSorley

Wendel Clark vs Marty McSorley

Game - Game 1 - 1993 Western Conference Final: Los Angeles Kings vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Fighters - Wendel Clark vs Marty McSorley

The lead up to the fight

After taking over and dominating the first game of the series, the Leafs best player Doug Gilmour received a late hit and elbow from Kings defenseman Marty McSorley.

Immediately after the elbow McSorley knew trouble was coming and as he turns around Maple Leafs captain Wendel Clark already had the gloves dropped and was coming right for him.

More fight analysis and the aftermath after the jump.

The fight itself

Wendel Clark right off the bat lands four of the hardest punches ever seen by man. Marty McSorley eats four right hands and in the process has his face turned black and blue.

To McSorley's credit he somehow survives and is able to get in some offense of his own but most of them hit the back of Clark's head or miss altogether.

Also on the under card to this fight is Todd Gill and Dave Taylor. We don't get to see much of this fight but one could only assume Gill destroyed Taylor.

The winner

Wendel Clark wins the fight based on the first four punches.

What else was going

Doug Gilmour gets up and challenges the entire LA Kings bench

Harry Neale forgets to turn his mic on at one point before he begins to speak

We get to listen to Bob Cole in his prime call one of the biggest fights in Maple Leafs history

Fans littered the ice and one of them even threw a crutch out on the ice

Marty McSorley skates off the ice black and blue and tries to hide his face from the camera

Harry Neale says Gimour had his head down even though he didn't

Harry Neale also says it "might" have been an elbow

Harry Neale also doesn't see that McSorley jumped when he hit him

What else happened

Pat Burns wasn't a big fan of this act by the Kings or Barry Melrose so he decided to go after them as well as described in this video by the great Jim Tatti from Global TV.

Bet you didn't know

Wendel Clark and Barry Melrose are first cousins

The future

If allowed by the powers at be I plan on doing write ups like this one and the Potvin/Hextall one from Yesterday on Monday's and Tuesday's on PPP.

My name is Curtis Tudor and I run the NHL site Crash The Crease if you didn't already know.

New fight post next Monday! is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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