Steve Thomas vs Darcy Tucker

Game - Tampa Bay Lightning vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Fighters - Steve Thomas, Darcy Tucker

Fight video

Earlier in the game Darcy Tucker got into the face of Mats Sundin and Steve Thomas came to his defense and put Tucker down to the ice with a shot into the boards.

More videos and fight talk and a look at Steve Thomas after the jump.

The lead up to the fight

As you can see below it's easy to find out what caused the two to fight.

I think Sundin new Tucker would be a future Leaf as he calls out for the Lightning training to come to the aid of Tucker.

The fight

Right out of the scrum Tucker and Thomas go toe to toe with right hands.

Even though both of these two were on the small side few have played with more heart and determination.

These two traded big right hands and neither one of them were fazed one bit, there was hatred in this fight and these two had history and it showed.

These two fought once before during the 96-97 season when Tucker was a Montreal Canadien and Steve Thomas was a New Jersey Devil. During that fight they both had the same bad intentions were trying to kill each other.

Don't you love that look Tucker would get on his face?

After the fight

You can see Thomas skate towards the penalty box and look at Tucker while grabbing his nose then putting his arms up in the air. This is because Tucker signaled to him earlier that he was going to break Thomas' nose.

Steve Thomas was a warrior and he while he was always a very good player during the season once the playoffs came around he was able to pick his game up to another level.

The downfall to him were injuries, like many players who play bigger then they actually are he was really never able to stay healthy.

Darcy Tucker

The Maple Leafs were able to trade for Tucker in 2000 as they sent Mike Johnson to the Lightning.

Steve Thomas as a Leaf

Steve Thomas had two different playing stints with the Maple Leafs with his best coming in 1998-1998 when he scored 28 goals and 73 points.

After the lockout the Maple Leafs gave him a tryout to make the team but he was unable to do so.

His second stint with the Leafs was for three seasons and all three seasons the Maple Leafs made the playoffs and in all three years in the playoffs he had 6 goals and 3 assists for 9 points.

Two memorable playoff games

Game two, Flyers vs Leafs - 1999

Listen to the ACC crowd.. Man I miss playoff hockey.


Game 5, Senators vs Leafs 2001

This was the most entertaining overtime I think I have ever watched, there were chances at both ends and Steve Thomas buried the winner on a feed from Sergei Berezin.

Fan favorites

It's no surprise that guys like Tucker, Thomas, Clark, Roberts etc.. were fan favorites and loved by the fans even today. These guy's gave it everything they had no matter the consequence to their own bodies.

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