Toronto vs Buffalo - March 15th 2004

Game - Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres
Date - March 15th, 2004

Arguably one of best and most entertaining regular season games in the past 20 years.

The game

Toronto enters the game battling for first place in the Eastern Conference and first place in the Northeast division with the Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Buffalo is out of the playoffs but there is still a small glimmer of hope for them if they go on a late season run.

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Trevor Kidd

Ed Belfour had back problems so that meant Trevor Kidd was in the net, that's not something Leafs fans ever wanted to say or hear.

HSBC Arena

Even though the building is always filled with Maple Leafs fans (on this night I would say it was 70% Leafs fans) Toronto always has difficulty winning in this building.

The score

2-2 after one and things were looking good until Buffalo scores 3 goals in the second period to take a 5-2 lead.

The comeback

Toronto then decides to score the ugliest goals in history of the game by going on a banking rampage banking shots off Henrik Tallinder and Martin Biron to get within reach of tying the game up.


One of the deadliest shooters in the history of the game makes history as Alexander Mogilny scores his 1000th NHL point to tie the game up at 5-5 with under a minute to go.

Where are we??

I know I said the building was about 70% Leafs fans that night but when Mogilny scored I couldn't see a single Sabres fan.


In that era of game how Mogilny was called for the penalty in OT is beyond me. Good thing Trevor Kidd made the big save when it was needed.

OT goal

Mogilny with point 1001 and Kaberle scored the OT winner sending the "home team"  home with two big points.

That Leafs team


I swear if they didn't have to play Philly they would have taken out Tampa Bay in the East and made it to the finals.

Old time hockey

After every whistle the Leafs pushed, shoved, punched and completely owned the Sabres, especially in OT when McCabe treated Danny Briere like a toy.

Calle Johansson

The Calle Johansson experiment failed miserably.

He retired in after 2002-2003 and somehow John Ferguson Jr thought it would be great to bring him out of retirement and stick him in the Leafs lineup late in the season and in the playoffs.


I miss Sundin, Mogilny, Roberts and that Leafs team.

I miss the Leafs team fighting for the division and conference lead.

Great quote

"Holy Makinaw in Buffalo"

If anyone wants more of these then I would look forward to doing these on top of the fight videos on Monday/Tuesday. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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