Sean, you're my same height. That is neat.

TORONTO CANADA - DECEMBER 2: Nikolai Kulemin #41 of the Toronto Maple Leafs misses the tip on Nikolai Khabibulin #35 of the Edmonton Oilers during game action at the Air Canada Centre December 2 2010 in Toronto Ontario Canada. (Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images)

Sure, it's a stretch, but referring to the part in Orange County where the dean of admissions trips out on E (at least, I think that's what they wind up giving him) actually does relate to today's featured article. You see, as it turns out, we don't realize how often we're not actually answering the questions we're asked. Like the (inadvertently) drug-addled dean, we often respond with answers that are, well-intentioned enough, but don't actually provide the answers everyone is looking for:

One of the biggest debates in Leafs Nation this summer has been Nikolai Kulemin’s goal projection for next season. Writers everywhere have looked at this question from every possible angle. While they were attempting to answer the question: Will Kulemin score 30 goals again? They all answered a slightly different question than the one being asked:  Can Kulemin sustain his shooting percentage?  What happened to other players who had similar seasons? Was there anything different about his most recent season to suggest the trend might continue?  Essentially, the question of "Will Kulemin score 30 goals again?" was substituted with "How likely is it that Kulemin will score 30 goals again?" This is a small, but significant difference.

It's a good article, and I highly recommend giving it a read. Over the jump, we've got a bunch of cool stuff, including a podcast at Puckin' Eh that includes both Chemmy and PPP. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen.

Leafs Links:

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The latest from Blue Chip Prospects.

Player types: "High Event" and "Low Event"
Cam Charron elaborates on what this means over at TLN.

Can the Leafs over-achieve enough to make a playoff run?
Michael Langlois at VLM thinks that they are.

Other Hockey Links:

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Danny Gray on why some of us get so glum in the summer.

Flames trade Langkow to Coyotes
Just in case you missed this. From Allan Maki at the Globe.

Why the Phoenix Coyotes traded for Daymond Langkow
Greg Wyshynski isn't the only one looking for answers.

‘Scary Gary’ Roberts becomes diet guru for young NHLers
Story from James Mirtle at the Globe.

Ask Lee Stempniak: Getting Biznasty
More fan fiction from Loser Domi at BMR.


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