Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner - Rounds 1-6

Game - Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators
Fighters - Colton Orr, Matt Carkner


This is the first fight in what has turned out to be a great and fairly one sided fighting rivalry.

More fight talk and a look at all the fights between Colton Orr and Matt Carkner after the jump.

First fight

Carkner and Wallin (man he was terrible)  make contact and then Carkner and and Orr meet each other for the very first time.

The gloves come off and and both start firing right hands. This was a bad idea by Carkner as he finds himself on the wrong end of the right hands and gets put down to the ice.

Thoughts on the fight

Ouch for Carkner
Orr must have felt like one tough SOB skating towards the bench.
Why is a reporter like Paul Hendrick between the benches? He brings nothing but awkwardness to the games
While on the ice the linesman almost cut Carkner's finger off with his skate.
Why was the home crowd in Ottawa cheering for that? Oh wait.

Second fight


They find each other on the ice again and the gloves come off and again they both start throwing right hands. This time Carkner tags Orr above the eye with a huge shot and puts him to the ice.

Thoughts on the fight

When two big men go toe to toe with huge right hands bad things will happen. That shot turned Orr's eye black and blue and bloody immediately.

Thankfully the video ended while Paul Hendrick was mid sentence, I can't stand him and have no clue why he calls games between the benches.

Third fight


This one was with the National audience on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.

This comes right off the faceoff and they skate right past center ice before they engage. Like the first two fights all they throw is right hands and like the first two fights it ends badly for one of them. This ends badly for Carkner who gets knocked out cold and goes limp like he is fighting in the UFC, he gets the wake up call once he hits the ice.

Thoughts on the fight

If my memory is right Carkner was somehow allowed to come back in this game after the fight
The look on Phil Kessel's face after the fight is priceless

Fourth fight


Colton Orr runs Brian Lee late and Carkner comes in, after the linesman gets stuck in the middle between them he realizes its a bad spot to be and gets out of the way.

Thoughts on the fight

Wasn't as good as the first three and we have to listen to Garry Galley but its another win for Orr and he lets everyone know hes taken 3/4 as he skates off the ice.

Fifth fight


When these two fight they only want to go toe to toe and throw right hands. This is a competitive fight and Orr once again gets the win.

Thoughts on the fight

Second game of the season last year
Have to love the score of the game
Remember when the Leafs started off 1 and 0, then 2 and 0 then 3 and 0 and 4 and 0? Good times.

Sixth fight


Carkner thinks the way he can beat Orr for the second time is if he runs right at him off a faceoff.

He is wrong and Orr puts him on his back.

Thoughts on the fight

Again look at the score, anytime the Leafs win its a good thing.
This was the sixth and final fight for them, could be the last depending on Orr's health.


Colton Orr 5 - Matt Carkner 1

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