What's In A Rookie Tourney?

LONDON CANADA - SEPTEMBER 14: Jussi Rynnas #40 of the Toronto Maple Leafs stops a shot in warm-up prior to a game against the Ottawa Senators during the NHL Rookie Tournament on September 14,2010 at the John Labatt Centre in London Ontario Canada. The Senators defeated the Leafs 3-2. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

Last season I was thrilled that the Leafs were holding their prospect camp in London, Ontario, because it offered me the chance to go check out Leafs youngsters on the cheap. Heck, at just under $20 a game, I even went to a Penguins - Senators prospects game. Danny Gray and I even took the opportunity to hang out for an evening with the esteemed James Mirtle, and good time was had by all. Really, the tourney was a great time.

But after seeing a couple of these games, it becomes readily apparent that this tournament isn't a tryout in the sense that we often think of. It's a nice opportunity for fans to see these players, but the team play is terrible, because the groups haven't had any time to work together. Passing doesn't click, special teams are a mess, there are many vain attempts at solo rushes, and a lot of fighting. This is all for naught, because GMs usually already know what they have in these players, having studied them for years. (Although I found it strange that Joe Quenneville said that it was the first time he'd seen the younger Toewes in action. I presume he just means live.) Moreover, the rosters have to be filled out with no-names from all over the place, and they are the ones in the real tryout for a spot - but usually for a spot on an ECHL or AHL team. Long story short? This is a cash grab. An excuse to slap the Leafs jerseys on a bunch of juniors and minor leaguers for the sake of making a quick buck.

Jon S. over at Puckin' Eh has a slightly less pessimistic outlook:

Without going prospect by prospect and reviewing their play, it is at least comforting to see Toronto group developing as planned and seeing that they are capable of defeating other Rookie Teams. Players like Blacker, Frattin, Gardiner and McKegg should be better tested during the Pro Camps later this month. As well as players like Devane and Ryan will likely learn where they belong as well once AHL camps start. It is certainly nice to have hockey to watch, and the prospect games have been exciting, I just don't see them influencing rosters, only player development plans.

Much more linkage, after the jump.

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