So What Would You Give Schenn?


We've heard everything from Mark Staal money ($3.9M/season) to Chemmy's estimate, based on comparable (though perhaps underpaid) players of $2.26M.

This feels like a reasonable comparison except for the fact that the cap has gone up. In 2008-2009 the salary cap was $56.7M as compared to the current $64.3M, a 13.4% difference. $2,000,000 plus 13.4% is $2.26M per season although I think Zbynek Michalek and Duncan Keith's numbers are extraordinarily low. I'd pin Luke Schenn's worth on a three year deal somewhere between $2.75M and $3.25M. The truth is $4M gets you a big name guy. Hamhuis' contract last summer was worth $4M. Ehrhoff's cap hit from this summer is $4M.

Schenn chat and more, after the jump.

Leafs Links:

Luke Schenn Rumored Deal worth $11-12 over 3 years
Yeah, that's about what we figured. Article from Kent Wilson at The Leafs Nation.

Mark Owuya Prefers Hockey
Kyle the Reporter has an interview with the colorful Leafs prospect.

Thoughts on the Rookies
Michael Stephens gives us his notes on individual skaters over at MLHS.

What are your honest expectations for the Leafs this season?
Michael Langlois at VLM asks how confident you are that the Leafs will be in the playoff hunt this year.

Dion Phaneuf is comfortable in his role as captain
Well that's nice. From Jeff Blair at the Globe.

Other Hockey Links:

NHLers Oppose Mandatory Helmet Rule
Over at The Leafs Nation, Danny Gray presents a historical parallel to the current debate about fighting.

Bruins, Marchand reach new pact
Boston gives forward two-year deal worth $5-million. Story from Reuters at the Globe.

Steve Moore finally getting his day in court
Attempts at settling out of court have failed, and the civil case is set to start in September or October of 2012. From Dave Shoalts at the Globe.

Max Pacioretty speaks up, steps up in concussion fight
Also, a quote from Cammalleri: "It allows other players now to come out and say, ‘Okay, it’s not uncool to say what I really believe, and I’m not a soft player because I don’t think we should have head shots, I’m not a player a general manager won’t want on his team,’ " the high-scoring forward said, later adding: "I have no problem with taking a good slash or chop … but when it comes to the brain, let’s not be ignorant."

Can you win with the worst offense in the league? - Arctic Ice Hockey
Shocker? No, you can't. From Hawerchuk at AIH.

Bogosian signs 2-year deal with the Jets worth $5M
Fanshot from arby_18 at AIH.

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