Reminiscing on a Wednesday

For All the Positive Burke Moves, Is There One Recent Leafs You'd Like to Have Back - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

It’s hard to argue that Brian Burke has done anything but improve the Leafs, in terms of the current roster (younger, faster, tougher), cap issues (he has somehow moved seemingly immovable contracts), in terms of depth (more players fighting for fewer spots) and the future (young players in the pipeline, draft choices down the road).

Whether it was acquiring Phaneuf (and Aulie, as well, somehow) for players no longer in the plans, dealing bad contracts (Jason Blake, etc.) or acquiring kids with real potential (Colborne, Gardiner) it’s clear that, while the Leafs still have a ways to go, some very good work has already been done.

It’s pre-season, and it’s natural to get a little excited—and perhaps unrealistically hopeful—about the team’s prospects and some of the young guys looking to get noticed.  But most would agree that the improvements—while still very much needing to be in evidence when the games count for real—are already on display for all to see in the early days of training camp and the pre-season.

All this said, I wonder if Leaf fans may have a player or two that, in their heart, kind of/sort of still wished was in the blue and white?

Head on over there and let us know which player you'd like to have back. More links after the jump.

Leafs Links

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Meh, it's the pre-season and they're taking it easy.

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Does know the Jets are really just the Atlanta Thrashers in new uniforms?


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A bit of a late notice, but tonight's game against Philly is on there.

Now It's Time For the Easiest Part of Any Coaches Job

Puckin 'Eh gives his predictions on the first 30 cuts in camp.

TML: Previewing Ron Wilson's Make or Break Season

Salim Valji of the Hockey Writes with a season preview.

Is Keith Aulie Ready for a Top 4 Role?


Jonathan Willis ask this question at Leafs Nation.

Other Links

The NHL's Most Interesting Names: 1940s Part 1

Come for Peanut O'Flaherty, stay for the epic porn name that is Jimmy Orlando....or do I have those two backwards?

If NHL Fans Had Their Own Training Camp

Where are the chicken wing eating drills?

NHL Conditionally Approves Verification Line, Thinner Mesh

Frequency of Shea Weber slappers passing through net to increase exponentially.

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