Looking To The Past

Courtesy of Hockey Inside/Out, here is video of the Toronto Maple Leafs facing off against the Montreal Canadiens in 1932 narrated by Foster Hewitt. It's a neat bit of video with quite a few startling differences including the absence of a red line, face-offs being done with the centres facing the boards, and both teams wearing their darks on television. This peek back at Leafs' history made me think about this site's history. This summer we celebrated five years of being a going concern which is like 80 years in internet years so let's take a look back at this day in history:

In 2008

I hope that Tlusty will get a shot playing with Antro and Poni but that's top line land and wasn't Kulemin promised that? More likely, he'll end up slotted on the third line with the big club.

In 2007

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself "How can God's Team have 20 games without television coverage?!". Well, fear not. Just dish out the cash and you can get the other TWENTY games on LeafsTV. That is up from the 12 games that MLSE's flagship channel showed last year.

In 2006

Imagine (and this will not be too much of a stretch) 20 years down the road the Leafs are still Cup-less. What easier way to remind the fans that their club has a rich history than to retire a jersey. The Leafs have 35 Hall of Famers and only two retired jerseys and ten other honoured players. Which of the other 23 would have their jerseys retired and who would decide which of those Hall of Famers did enough to merit having a jersey retired?

And, as always, more links after the jump

1932 video: Habs Morenz scores to tie Leafs | Hockey Inside/Out

The write up details the background and action on screen.


NATION RADIO - SEPTEMBER 3, 2011 | The LeafsNation
I go on Nation Radio and talk about my memories of Wade Belak as a Leaf...and some other people are on the show too.


What Monkeys and Hockey Fans Have in Common | The LeafsNation
There's no hope with dope. Or something like that.


VINTAGE LEAF MEMORIES: Does trading Kadri give the Leafs options?
If he had not been drafted by Burke I'd give the thought more time.


Optimism Run Amok - Cult of Hockey
David Staples' reaction to Jay Feaster's hammering of the Oilers came under fire by Robin Browlee. The funniest part was when he called Staples a 'booster'. 2nd funniest part? The 38% of fans that think the Oilers will finish above the Flames this year.


Is The CIS An Underutilized Resource? - The Copper & Blue
Why are there so few CIS players at the highest levels of hockey?


Should The Oilers Consider Adding A Defenseman Just To Be Safe? - The Copper & Blue
You might be surprised by the identity of their suggested target.

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