Who Ya Gonna Call?

ST. LOUIS - SEPTEMBER 24: Alex Steen #20 of the St. Louis Blues controls the puck against Antti Miettinen #20 of the Minnesota Wild during a pre-season game at the Scottrade Center on September 24 2010 in St. Louis Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Well, it certainly won't be a bunch of idiots wearing vacuum cleaner backpacks. I'm referring to a group of people that sucked in a slightly less literal way. What I'm asking is, given the option of calling any making a drunken phone call to any former Leaf player, whose number would you dial? Over at The Leafs Nation, Danny Gray chose Alex Steen:

Alex? Are you there? If you’re listening just hear me out. I’m so sorry about the way things ended. I should never have listened to Cliff Fletcher. He had clearly become the "Senile Fox" by then. We were all still so happy to be rid of JFJ that we said and did some things we didn’t really mean.  Now you’re in St. Louis and I’m here all alone, without you. How did it get to this point?

There are links a plenty after the jump to get your commenting engines going after a long weekend layoff, so get back to work, you lazy bums. I mean, get to work here, not at your "real" job.

Vancouver blasts NHL for lacking anti-riot strategy
Quote: "I was pretty shocked in that report at the disengagement of the league," she said. "They need to own their own brand better." Seriously? YOU need to own your own brand better, City of Vancouver. This wasn't the NHL's fault. From Rod Mickleburgh at the Globe.

Can Joe Colborne become another Pete Stemkowski-type of player for the Leafs?
Well let's hope so. From Michael Langlois at VLM.

What We Learned: Maybe owners aren’t serious about concussions
Not such a serious article as the headline implies. From Ryan Lambert at PD.

Do hockey’s tough guys need their own representative body?
Harrison Mooney with a strange, albeit interesting way of looking at things. From PD.

Blue Bayou (Defensive Defensemen)
Great article from Lowetide with input from Tom Awad.

Adam Larsson & The Rarity of the Under-20 NHL Defenseman
Nice article by John Fischer over at In Lou We Trust. Schenn is in good company.

Burnaby women break hockey marathon record

Forty players participate in 10-day-long game to raise funds for cystic fibrosis. From the CP at the Globe.

Logan Couture Is A Lousy Pizza Guy

Not a bad series of ads. Link via Mr. Plank at Fear The Fin. 

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