I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance


There are just so many wonderful links to choose from. There are loads of good stuff from all the usual suspects today - The Leafs Nation, Backhand Shelf, James Mirtle (and the rest of his Globe & Mail compatriots), Michael Langlois, and many more.

Just kick back and enjoy the fact that you are a proud supporter of the most comprehensively covered team in the NHL.

Jump for your links.

Leafs Links:

Leafs Nation Podcast 6: Milson Fired

Carlyle takes Leafs back to basics as Bruins await
New coach emphasizes defensive zone clearing passes, more grit as he tweaks team. Story from James Mirtle.

Carlyle’s system favours defencemen Schenn, Komisarek
But things don’t look so rosy for Connolly, Lombardi. I thought one of the reasons that Burke wasn't happy with Wilson was his lack of faith in Connolly. Oh well. Story from David Shoalts at the Globe.

Super Shot Search
It's been a while, but PPP user theninjagreg has managed to consolidate all of his shot location data into one end of the rink. That's good news.

Who made who? Kessel and Lupul
Over at the Leafs Nation, Cam Charron asks whether the chicken came before the egg.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Don't Buy Local
Dirty Dangle laughs at Don Cherry's crazy.

March to the Playoffs
The latest from the Silver Fox.

10 reasons why it’s the perfect time to face the Bruins
Michael Langlois with his own reasons why.

Vintage Leafs
Browse around over here for some shots of some old Leafs. This one is of Salming, Olczyk, and Degray, but there are plenty of others.

Marlies Lose Another To Rochester
Boooo. From Jeffler at MarliesHQ.

Brian Burke, Peter Chiarelli and Moneypuck, Part Deux
From Cam Charron, also at Backhand Shelf.

Tis the Season for Must Wins
This is becoming a rather familiar theme around this time of year. From Darren K at BCP.

Other Hockey Links:

Backhand Shelf Podcast
Justin Bourne, Rob Pizzo, & Co. discuss Randy Carlyle's hiring and Don Cherry, among other things. AND GUESS WHOSE PHOTOSHOP THEY LOVED.

Steve Yzerman agrees to lead Team Canada into Sochi
Also from Wyshynski.

Watch Chris Thorburn dangle Ryan Miller for goal; Jets fans chant ‘silver medal’
Pretty ridiculous. Story from Greg Wyshynski.

Bruins sign veteran goalie Turco after Rask goes down
Let's just hope that Turco plays against the Leafs tonight. Uh, only quasi-seriously. Story from the AP at the Globe.

History Lessons: What Hockey Is
More good stuff from Ellen Etchingham at Backhand Shelf. Honestly, if you don't read her stuff regularly, you're missing out.

With no goalies left, OHL forward forced to get in net
Again from Justin Bourne at Backhand Shelf. I love these kinds of stories.

Patrick Burke: If you can play, You Can Play (video)
From Justin Bourne at Backhand Shelf.

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