AHL Playoffs, Anyone?

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 12: Ben Scrivens #30 of the Toronto Maple Leatfs takes a break during his game against the Ottawa Senators at the Air Canada Centre on November 12, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Even if you're not usually a Toronto Marlies fan, I think you have to pay some attention to what's about to go down at Ricoh Coliseum. I know, I know, the first round of the NHL playoffs is an exciting time for hockey watchers, but for Leafs fans, the AHL playoffs will hold much more relevance.

Danny Gray (@ACatNamedFelix) and I (@JPNikota) were joined this week for our podcast by Jeff Veillette (@Jeffler) to set up the playoff scenario at the AHL level. The Marlies, as you may or may not be aware, are poised to take a good run at the Calder Cup this season, and their lineup will only be further bolstered by the likes of Jake Gardiner, Matt Frattin, Carter Ashton, and Ben Scrivens. For many of these players, this really is an extended tryout.

Naturally, in the course of the podcast, we get to chatting about the beginning of the NHL playoffs and make a few predictions as well, so go over to The Leafs Nation and have a listen.

Jump for articles by all the usual suspects.

Q&A With Ben Scrivens
Andrey Osadchenko with a nice interview at The Leafs Nation.

Maple Leafs goalie Reimer says his injury is neck-related
From the CP at TSN.

Tank Schmank!
John Lofranco doesn't believe there's been any tanking this year. I disagree. From The Leafs Nation.

How many Leafs are "must keep" under Carlyle?
From Michael Langlois at Vintage Leafs Memories.

Marlies Hot & Cold: April 2nd-8th
Kyle The Reporter with some info on a team you should be following.

Western Conference Playoff Preview
From David Shoalts.

Eastern Conference playoff preview
From James Mirtle.

Pending UFAs on Canadian Teams
Not a lot of exciting names, here. From the Globe.

Leafs ownership apologizes to fans for ‘unacceptable’ end to season
Tanenbaum pens letter saying sorry to ‘greatest fans in the world’. Story from James Mirtle.

Toronto Maple Leafs Season In Review
Dirty Dangle with a few notes.

Dream and Nightmare Outcomes for the 2012 Entry Draft
Curt S at Blue Chip Prospects has a few ideas.

It's a Bonanza! NHL Draft Lottery
Again at Blue Chip Prospects, Darren K takes a look at the players who might be available at the Leafs' 5th overall draft position.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
The latest instalment from Rob Pizzo, Justin Bourne, & Co.

The Bitter End
Over at Backhand Shelf, Ellen Etchingham pleads with readers to stick with their teams.

Tyler Dellow muses about why there appears to be so much indecision over whether to fire Tom Renney.

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