PPP Salary Cap Challenge - Man-Crush Edition - birky

Salary Cap Challenge? Sure, sounds fun. But what about adding a PPP twist? Too often do the writers and commenters on this site wax poetic this guy or that guy and how he'd look on the Leafs. Paul Stastny? Guilty. Chris Higgins? Guilty. Mike Weaver? Not guilty (you know who you are).

So I thought, "Would an all PPP man-crush team be possible while following the rules set forth by clrkaitken?" It turns out that the answer was yes; I somehow managed to do it. Follow along to see it in all its glory...

Here is the CapGeek page I created for it.

As you can see, two players are missing. One is Steve Ott, who can't be added to the roster because the dumb player name search function requires four letters. Good job capgeek. Ott makes $2.95 million, so that left me with $5.67 million.

The last player I added was Justin Schultz. NOW, before you all start crying that he shouldn't count -- I don't care. I made a fair assumption that he would sign a max entry-level contract, which for the 2011-2012 season was $3.775 million. And even if that number goes up slightly for next year, I would still have enough space under the cap to sign him. Also, I considered him property of the Anaheim Ducks for the purposes of this entry. If you don't like it, too bad.

Here's a look at the full roster:

Hamrlik 1992 1 3,500,000 WSH
Richards 1998 3 6,666,667 NYR
Ott 2000 1 2,950,000 DAL
Kovy 2001 1 6,666,667 NJD
Emery 2001 5 1,150,000 CHI
Higgins 2002 1 1,900,000 VAN
Brown 2003 1 3,175,000 LA
Hejda 2003 4 3,250,000 COL
Wheeler 2004 1 2,550,000 WPG
Brent 2004 3 750,000 CAR
Neal 2005 2 5,000,000 PIT
Yandle 2005 5 5,250,000 PHO
Berglund 2006 1 2,250,000 STL
Reimer 2006 3 1,800,000 TOR
Turris 2007 1 1,400,000 OTT
Hodgson 2008 1 1,666,666 BUF
Schultz 2008 2 3,775,000 ANA
Schenn 2009 1 3,110,000 PHI
Johansen 2010 1 1,945,000 CBJ
Phillips 2011 1 1,000,000 MIN
1,000,000 TBL
1,100,000 FLA
550,000 DET
total: 62,405,000

You've got name, draft year (three players were undrafted), draft round, 2012-2013 cap hit, and current team. True, some of these guys are a little less mentioned than others, but there isn't a player on this list that someone hasn't said something ranging from "Hey this guy could be a good/nice addition" to "OMG I'd eat the corn out of a dead hooker's shit to get this guy on the Leafs." is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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