PPP Salary Cap Challenge, HockeyAnalysis (Fixed)

After completely messing up my first attempt and somewhat quickly fixing it with mixed results, I have come up with a team that I am quite happy with.

Jonathan Toews, Chicago, 3yrs, 6.3M
Patrice Bergeron, Boston, 2yrs, 5.0M
Brandon Sutter, Carolina, 2yrs, 2.1M
Derek Stepan, NY Rangers, 1yr, $875K

Left Wing
Bobby Ryan, Anaheim, 3yrs, 5.1M
Alex Tanguay, Calgary, 4yrs, 3.5M
Dustin Brown, Los Angeles, 2yrs, 3.175M
Vaclav Prospal, Columbus, 1yr, 2.5M
Jaden Schwartz, St. Louis, 2yr, 1.17M

Right Wing
Johan Franzen, Detroit, 8yrs, 3.95M
Radim Vrbata, Phoenix, 2yrs, $3.0M
Wayne Simmonds, Philadelphia, 1yr, 1.75M
Ben Eager, Edmonton, 2yrs, 1.1M
Chris Thorburn, Winnipeg, 2yrs, 867K

Kevin Bieksa, Vancouver, 4yrs, $4.6M
Viktor Hedman, Tampa, 5yrs, 4.0M
Chris Letang, Pittsburgh, 2yrs, 3.5M
Jake Gardiner, Toronto, 2yrs, 1.1M
Mike Weaver, Florida, 2yrs, 1.1M
Adam Larsson, New Jersey, 2yrs, 925K
Andrew MacDonald, NY Islanders, 2yrs, 550K

Pekka Rinne, Nashville, 7yrs, $7.0M
Robin Lehner, Ottawa, 2yrs, 870K

Cap Space Remaining: $283,788

Line 1: Ryan - Toews - Franzen
Line 2: Tanguay - Bergeron - Vrbata
Line 3: Brown - Sutter - Simmonds
Line 4: Prospal - Stepan - Eager
Reserves: Schwartz, Thorburn

Defense 1: Bieksa, Letang
Defense 2: Hedman, Gardiner
Defense 3: Larsson, Weaver
Reserve: MacDonald

Goaltenders: Rinne, Lehner

2011: Larsson (1)
2010: Schwartz (1)
2009: Hedman (1), Lehner (2)
2008: Gardiner (1), Stepan (2)
2007: Sutter (1), Simmonds (2)
2006: Toews (1), MacDonald (6)
2005: Ryan (1), Letang (3)
2004: Franzen (3), Rinne (8)
2003: Brown (1), Bergeron (2)
2002: Eager (1)
2001: Thorburn (2), Bieksa (3)
1999: Vrbata (7)
1998: Tanguay (1)
1993: Prospal (3)
Undrafted: Weaver

The only players not signed for at least 2 seasons: Prospal, Stepan, Simmonds. Prospal's cap space can be used to re-sign Stepan and Simmonds. Ryan, Tanguay, Toews, Franzen, Hedman, Bieksa, Rinne are signed for 3 or more seasons. I really like my third line of Brown, Sutter and Simmonds. That will be a nasty line to play against. My defense has quite a bit of youth (Hedman, Gardiner, Larsson) but still quite good and will contribute a lot to the offense. My forwards, particularly the centers, are mostly very solid 2-way players so they should off set some of the inexperience on defense. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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