PPP Salary Cap Challenge-BCapp #2

This weekend nhlcheapshot made a second team. When I was studying later on I got frustrated/bored with the material, so I spent an hour to make another one myself. I really think this may be the best one yet. Check it out for yourself:

Zetterberg Giroux Neal
Tanguay Tavares Eriksson
Paccioretty RNH Skinner
Shaw Goc Brouwer



Edler Chara
Pietrangelo Girardi
Demers Gunnarsson



Here is the link to the cap geek page.

Draft status:

Undrafted Undrafted Girardi
2011 1st RNH
2011 5th Shaw
2010 1st Skinner
2010 2nd Smith-Pelley
2009 1st Tavares
2009 2nd Elliot
2008 1st Pietrangelo
2008 7th Demers
2007 1st Pacioretty
2007 7th Gunnarsson
2006 1st Giroux
2006 2nd Enroth
2005 3rd Quick
2005 2nd Neal
2004 3rd Edler
2004 7th Brouwer
2003 2nd Eriksson
2001 1st Goc
2001 2nd Thorburn
1999 7th Zetterberg
1998 1st Tanguay
1996 3rd Chara

Team status:

Ana Smith-Pelley
Bos Chara
Buf Enroth
Car Skinner
Cgy Tanguay
Chi Shaw
Clb -----
Col Elliot
Dal Eriksson
Det Zetterberg
Fla Goc
LAK Quick
Min -----
Mtl Pacioretty
NJD -----
Nsh -----
NYI Tavares
NYR Girardi
Ott -----
Phi Giroux
Phx -----
Pit Neal
SJ Demers
StL Pietrangelo
TB ------
Tor Gunnarsson
Van Edler
Wpg Thorburn
Wsh Brouwer

Analysis of the team:

  • I built the team around a first line that could take on absolutely anything. With Giroux, Zetterberg, and Neal I would put that line against anything. I built, a really strong checking line with Brouwer (we all know his ability), Goc (many have shown his very, very good defensive play), and Shaw who has played great thus far in a defensive role (if he can't do it Thorburn or Smith-Pelly can pop into that role). The second line is honestly just another first line, but I guess it could be somewhat sheltered if you wanted. The third line is the epitome of a sheltered scoring line. Seriously, Pacioretty, RNH, Skinner as a third line!
  • On D I built it around the best (some would say second or third, but who cares) defender in the league once Lidstrom realizes he is over 40, in Zdeno Chara. The other pillar of my D is the up and coming Pietrangelo who is likely a future franchise Dman. To balance out the top 4 I have the top offensive defenseman Alex Edler playing with Chara, and defensive D-man Girardi playing with Pietrangelo. The third pair is made up of two quietly good defenseman. They can handle whatever you need, but with the guys ahead of them, won't even need to. For those of you who don't know Stefan Elliot he is a great prospect (IMHO) on the Colorado Avalanche. He has great offensive instincts and is developing well.
  • In net we have the best deal in the league, Jonathan Quick, and behind him an up and coming goalie Jhonas Enroth. He looked great in the AHL and is looking good in the NHL. He is used to being a backup in the NHL (0.917, and 2.70 GAA last year). is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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