Let's Talk CBA

CHICAGO - MAY 28: National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman speaks at a press conference at the United Center on May 28, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

I would like to think that the NHL and it's players could come to an agreement before September 15th, but even with the players accepting a hard cap on team payroll going forward, there remains a substantial gulf to be bridged. In fact, Donald Fehr and the players may not be playing as nice as it seems.

As for myself, I have little sympathy for the owners and general managers at this point:

"Everybody but the people who run teams base performance on how many points you get [or] how many goals. Well, we don't. If he gets goals, that helps, but you have to look at the overall contribution to the team. Martin [Lapointe]'s a character person. He comes to play every night. He came from a winning program. And we needed at his position."

- Harry Sinden

Check out my article on the significance of this quote over at The Leafs Nation for a more detailed explanation.

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Leafs Links:

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The Best Game You Can Name

Let's welcome a new member to the Barilkosphere, Sam Gamper.

Other Hockey Links:

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WELL SHRINK IT, LAWYER MAN. From David Shoalts at the Globe.

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Over at Arctic Ice Hockey, Alex Hemsky has his say.

Donald Fehr, actual negotiating genius
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Kyle Cicerella asked the late Canuck a few questions.

Introducting today’s NHL jerseys, in 8-bit SNES form
The thing is, Sega Genesis' NHL games were always better. From JB at BHS.

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