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LONDON CANADA - SEPTEMBER 11: Nazem Kadri #43 of the Toronto Maple Leafs waits for a pass in a game against the Chicago Blackhawks during the NHL Rookie Tournament on September 11,2010 at the John Labatt Centre in London Ontario Canada. The Leafs defeated the Hawks 6-3. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

Étant donné que la grand majorité du Canada partage ses richesses avec le Québec, j'ai écrit ce FTB en Français afin de leur offrir un petit goût de ce qu'on appelle <>.

Voilà un bon exemple d'un bon analyse d'hockey:

"I think my lower-body strength is at a completely different level right now," said Kadri. "Physically I look the best I’ve looked coming into camp. I’m lean and legs feel strong."

Overhead squats, lateral squats and dumb bell routines were just some of the examples Kadri gave as to what exactly Roberts had him doing in the gym. He was also put on a "strict nutritional plan" that helped him trim down to a lean 183 pounds.

"Not much fat on me right now, which is ideally what I wanted."

Que c'est bon.

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Leafs Links:

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Certains de ces statistiques me semblent moins appropriées que d'autres, mais elles sont quand mêmes intéressantes. From Jon Steizer à MLHS.

Nazem Kadri’s deleted tweet, while kinda funny, may have been in poor taste
T'es pas sérieux! From Justin Bourne at Backhand Shelf.

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Maudite en tabarouette, j'ai hâte de voir van Riemsdyk en bleu et blanc. From Stephen Stoneman at The Hockey Writers.

D'autres liens:

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The hockey player’s body: what happens over time
Mon pied a l'air assez similaire. From Justin Bourne.

Athlètes et politiciens...
Quelques joueurs qui ont fait la transition. De La vie est une puck.

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