Eugene Melnyk: "Senators Much Better Than LA Kings"

This clown was floated with the hot air from Melnyk's press conferences - Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

Eugene Melnyk has never been someone to shy away from a microphone whether it's a reporter wanting to transcribe his thoughts or a lawyer cross-examining him. Wayne Scanlan did us the favour of transcribing his crazyso that we could get a few chuckles:

According to Eugene Melnyk, the NHL lockout dragged on so long, the Senators owner felt he need to "reintroduce myself."

I've always thought that rich people should have a regular person on call to vet their ideas. Of course, Melnyk is just 'rich' so he doesn't have that benefit.

"The NHL is back, people, including the Prime Minister, are back talking hockey, including what Erik Karlsson is wearing to the rink," Melnyk said, in a rambling address in front of a packed conference room at Scotiabank Place.

Hmmm I wonder what 'rambling' is supposed to mean? *tilts head back/makes glug glug glug noise*

"I want to remind everyone that last year was the first of a three-year rebuild," Melnyk said. "This is Year 2. I recall, like it was yesterday, being in the war zone at Madison Square Garden wearing somebody else's beer, and fighting out Game 7 of the quarterfinals."

You'd think that Melnyk would shy away from war-related imagery considering how well it's gone in the past. The even better part of that last link is the part where Melnyk thought that the Senators could win 27 of 37 games in 2009. I cannot imagine him ever saying something that dumb again.

Melnyk said the Ottawa players felt if they could have beaten the New York Rangers in Game 7, they would have gone a long way as many felt they "were a much better team" than the one that won the Stanley Cup (the Los Angeles Kings).

Ok, well, that's insane. The only people that think the Senators were much better, not even just better but much better, than the Los Angeles Kings are people that have either had their brains fried by the sun while avoiding taxes in Barbados or used to cheer for the Habs.

Melnyk said he is more passionate about owning the team as a fan, rather than a business, but added he was happy to have a 10-year deal so he wouldn't experience another lockout anytime soon. The owner said there was one other element of the CBA he wanted, but failed to get, though he wouldn't cite what it was: "THAT would get me fined," Melnyk said.

Melnyk 100% runs the Senators as a business. Melnyk's controversial rule was either a "don't allow Leafs fans to fill my building" rule or a "don't allow Leafs merchandise to be sold in Ottawa" rule. Whatever it was, you can bet it was focused on the Leafs. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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