Should The Leafs Buyout Dion Phaneuf?

Hiyaaaaaaaa - Jim McIsaac

The Leafs are in for a tough week but you can get yours off on the right foot with these links...

The local media has a good gig. We've seen how they create a rumour, proceed to spread it, and then blame fans for doing nothing less than what their 'trained' experts did. Now, the Fan590 asks a stupid question on their show which will inevitably generate some stupid answers and then when Phaneuf's numbers rebound they'll get to say "Can you believe Leafs fans? No wonder stars don't want to come here! They all get run out of town!"

Of course Cam Charron decided that he should put something together to explain to just why it's such a bad ideaespecially based on these five games which is focused on his subpar partner, his bad puck luck, that he faces teh opposition's best players, and concludes:

I don't know what fans expect out of Dion Phaneuf. When he came into the NHL, he scored 20 goals (in a season where powerplay opportunities were elevated coming out of the 2004-05 lockout) and registered several highlight-reel hits in Calgary. What they didn't show you was how Phaneuf was often out of position during his time with the Flames, and only when he stopped attempting the big collision did he mature as a defenceman and become a rock for the Leafs. He's a player Toronto has been able to send out in every situation for the last two-and-some seasons. missing just 16 games.

The obvious solution is that rather than jettison one of our good defencemen that we add more of them. I'm not sure why this is so controversial but we'll see it play out with Phaneuf and Kessel as their near their unrestricted free agency.

Here be your links.

Familiar Flaw in Early Days of Carlyle's Leafs
I'm not sure what's familiar. The goaltending, aside from Scrivens against the Islanders, has been pretty good.

Leafs and Luongo: No Deal is the Best Option
I doubt they'll take Lupul now.

How the Toronto Maple Leafs will Benefit from Joffrey Lupul's Injury
Because it will result in either Seth Jones or Nathan McKinnon. [Editor's Note: Burtch's take is better]

Is it Time to Demote Colton Orr?
It's always time to demote Colton Orr.

LFR6 - Game 5 - Three-Headed Monster
Steve Dangle looks like Popeye and has a shit ton of hockey crap on his walls.

Asking Some Tough but Fair Questions
What's the deal with the time on ice numbers?

Fantasy Hockey: Is Dropping Subban a Good Idea?
Now in my keeper league it isn't.

Arena Logos West and Arena Logos East
Pretty neat.

Poll: What will the narrative be when Marleau's shooting percentage regresses?
What will people blame Marleau's next scoring slump on? Take your guess

Recap: Capitals 3, Sabres 2
Alex Ovechkin finally gets on the score sheet, and the Washington Capitals skate away with their first win on the season. Hooray for Jaspers!

Hockey coach ejected for mimicking blind man to mock referees
Someone give this man a medal

"You're Here For One Reason: To Fuck Us Good!"
This was from last week but Earl Weaver was a legend.

The media scrambles to backtrack on Manti Te'o.
Will Leitch on sports media latching on to easy narratives in order to drive hits. <3

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