Game 21 Preview: Habs at Leafs - What the Hell Randy Carlyle?

What grave injustice will Pacioretty complain of after tonight's game? - Bruce Bennett

The Toronto Maple Leafs host the Montreal Canadiens for their third meeting of the year.

I'm going to skip the usual setup and go right into the rosters; specifically tonight's supposed roster for the Leafs.

Toronto Maple Leafs Lines

James van Riemsdyk - Tyler Bozak - Phil Kessel

All is well so far...

Nikolai Kulemin - Mikhail Grabovski - Leo Komarov

I'd rather McClement there as he's better defensively, but still a decent checking line.

Clarke MacArthur - Nazem Kadri - Colton Orr

Mike Brown - Jay McClement - Frazer McLaren

What in the ever loving shit? Why are we dressing all three of Orr, Brown, and McLaren? Why is Colton Orr, one of the worst hockey players in the NHL and AHL, combined on a line with the 17pts in 20 games Nazem Kadri? Does Randy Carlyle want the Leafs offense to solely rely on the first line to score goals? This is mind boggling.

This is going to be the third game in which Colton Orr has played on the 3rd line with Kadri; the previous two being the games against Tampa Bay and Ottawa where no one on that line registered a single point, and the only 2 out of the last 5 where Kadri hasn't gotten at least 1 point. Gee, I wonder why that may be? Perhaps because Colton Orr, a player who's never registered more than 13 minutes in an NHL game or 6 points in an NHL season, is on his wing. Actually, yes. That's exactly why.

Randy Carlyle continues to believe that fighters have a bigger role in hockey than they actually do (Hint: Fighting has little to no impact on the actual game being played and is nothing more than cheap pugilistic entertainment for the fans.), and it's hurting this team. Just lovely.

On defense, Komisarek and Liles sit again. Reimer's back..........up to Scrivens who starts his 8th straight game.

Here are the Habs lines:








Carey Price

Backup Goalie X

Three Questions With PPP & Habs Eyes On The Prize

Once in a while in game previews I (PPP) remember to do three questions to set up the game. Andrew sent me a trio and you can read my answers here which are brilliant as per usual. And I sent some questions to Andrew which were stunning in their brevity and wit. Thanks to Andrew for trying to keep up:

1) How many fans will come to the ACC with their faces painted black 'in support' of PK Subban?

Considering how poor Quebec is and how expensive it is to get tickets to the Leafs at the ACC, I'm going to guess none. I feel very sad that I have to qualify why it's none. *shakes head sadly*

2) Is it easier for Carey Price to play in Toronto on a school night since he won't face as many distractions?

Carey Price is happily engaged now, he smokes his cigarettes one at a time too. And nothing in the Toronto stands is that tempting when you play half the season in Montreal.

3) How will Habs fans prepare their humble pie to eat in honour of Ryder returning after being run out of Montreal?

21273 paper airplanes will cascade down from the Bell Centre stands and onto the ice while Great Big Sea plays over the PA system. A single tear will roll down Ryder's face once he realizes what he's got himself back into.

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