Morning Links: Leafs Win And Life Is Beautiful


The Maple Leafs dominated the Hurricanes last night and had an incredible late third period comeback to ensure that dominance paid off. Also, this post has the best gif ever.


Toronto Maple Leafs Time On Ice Report
Let's try an exercise: look for a Colton Orr or Frazer McLaren shift after the 10 minute mark of the third period.

Holy Mackinaw: Lupul scores beauty as Leafs beat Canes 6-3
The Leafs dominated. Awesome to finally see.

The Bigger Picture: Oilers, Possession and Regression
" least part of what’s gone against the Oilers this year has been the hockey gods not favouring them" I wonder why they might be shunning Edmonton...

Trade deadline 2013 - What the Leafs should buy
A great breakdown of what the Leafs have and what they could use

Game in 19 (for Lupul): Game #35, Leafs 6 vs. Canes 3
Alec's excited

Jake Gardiner sits and Vintage Leaf goes to Church as Lupul leads the Leafs…
A reminder that Jesus died today for Carlyle's sins. Well, your sins too but especially Carlyle's.

Game 32 by the Numbers: Hurricanes at Maple Leafs
A full accounting of just how much the Leafs dominated last night

The Best & Worst Possession Teams of the Last 5 Years
Why Corsi matters and how teams with similar possession numbers to the Leafs have done.

The Problem With Wasting Pro Contracts
The NHL is an efficiency contest and the teams that get the most bang for their buck will be the ones most likely to succeed. This applies to everywhere that teams are limited in some way.

Game 32 Recap: Maple Leafs 6, Hurricanes 3
The other SBN view

(1) Craig Billington v. (16) Damian Rhodes
Which goaltender was worse: Craig Billington or Damian Rhodes?

Trade Deadline - Should the Montreal Canadiens acquire Ryane Clowe?
Ryane Clowe is the name most oft mentioned as a trade target for the Montreal Canadiens, but is he worth trading for?

Pavel Datsyuk dekes Logan Couture onto his posterior with NHL version of NBA crossover (Video)
This Datsyuk kid is pretty good!

Why Jarome Iginla picked the Penguins
I'd love it if it was because he hated Jeremy Jacobs but playing with Crosby and Malkin is an unreal upgrade over his time with Calgary.

Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli on losing out on Flames’ Iginla: ‘we had a deal'
Chiarelli holds a press conference to cry about not getting a deal done.

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