Morning Links: Brown Traded, Leafs Still Winning

Claus Andersen

If you haven't bought your Nazem Kadri jersey yet, you're doing this fan thing wrong.

Leafs Win! Enjoy The Day! Read Some Links!

James Reimer performs exorcism: Maple Leafs win 4-2 inexplicably
The Leafs won and everything was perfect like always

Brown Trade A No-Brainer
Jeffler believes that trading Mike Brown is highway robbery. I'm not so sure, but whatever.

Cam Ward out up to two months with MCL sprain; are the Hurricanes done?
Pretty brutal. Story from Greg Wyshynski at PD.

The 10 goal-less NHL players that really should have scored by now
Some of these names won't surprise you, but some of them might. From Greg Wyshynski.

NHL suspends Sabres’ Patrick Kaleta 5 games for boarding Brad Richards
It's totally bogus that Kaleta doesn't get more than 5 games for this nonsense. From Sean Leahy at PD.

Hot List: Nazem Kadri rewarding Toronto Maple Leafs' patience
WOOOOOOOO. From John Kreiser at

2013 NHL Draft Consensus
I'm not usually into pre-draft rankings, but I know some of you are, so here you go. From Derek Zona.

PDO numbers by NHL team - Mar 4
The Leafs are still riding a really high shooting percentage. From Cam Charron.

Marlies Hot & Cold: February 25th to March 3rd
Apparently, Rynnas hasn't been doing so well, and his replacement, AHL vet Drew MacIntyre has been doing good work.

Approval of NHL realignment hinges on playoff format
The Leafs' PA rep David Steckel thinks it needs some tweaking before being implemented. Story from David Shoalts.

Canadians favour larger ice surface if change would make hockey safer
That's a big "if", though. I'm not so sure that it would change things that much. Story from Roy MacGregor.

Kyle Wellwood is unappreciated and undervalued
It's hard to read this title without chuckling, but his underlying stats actually don't look bad. From arby_18 at AIH.

Looking at the 5 best General Managers in the NHL
This is a very debatable list. Shero? Really? Article from Justin Bourne.

Fox Planning National Sports Network It Hopes Can Challenge ESPN
Just what sports coverage needs: another network pandering to the lowest common denominator

Chicago Blackhawks' start is truly rare
Enjoy the Chicago Blackhawks' 22-game season-opening point streak, because you are witnessing an event that likely won't happen again for centuries.

Game In 10: Game #23, Devils 2 at Leafs 4
MLHS recap.

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