Race to the Finish: Taking a look at Schedules

Bruce Bennett

Toronto Maple Leafs

44 GP 24W 15L 5OTL 53 PTS ROW 24

Let's face it - we're pessimists. The Leafs only need to win one game and have the Jets lose one game and we're in the playoffs.The Leafs have four games remaining and all are very winnable games. We have one of the better schedules left. But, based on what we've seen the last three games, looking at the worst case scenario is probably a good idea because something that little can't come easy to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Let's look at the schedule.

Saturday: @ OTT

Wednesday: @ TBL

Thursday: @ FLA

Saturday: vs MTL

Pretty good, southeast games are not on a Tuesday. Satudary vs OTT/MTL on a Saturday (5-1 record versus these two teams on Saturday nights). Let's just count on us winning 2-3 of these and build some momentum into the playoffs...

No? Ok, here's how other teams need to perform in case we lose out.

Couple of points:

  • There are FIVE teams chasing us - that's right, 5. If we're worried about WPG winning out the year, then they'd also surpass WSH who is three points back of us unless WSH also wins the majority of their games.
  • These two teams play on Tuesday in WSH and could be the worst 3 point game of the year. Jets also play the Isles which would also be a bad 3 pointer. OTT and WSH also play each other on Thursday.
  • I'd say NYR and NYI have the easiest schedules left with WSH, OTT and WPG facing more difficult competition to close out the year.

Winnipeg Jets

44 GP 23W 19L 2OTL 48 PTS ROW 21

Currently in 9th place, the Jets have four games remaining. It's a moderately difficult schedule with three teams currently in playoff spots and Buffalo who is in 10th place. The Jets need to win at least 3 of these games to pass the Leafs. Silver Lining is even if the Jets do win all of these games, two will also help the Leafs as WSH and NYI both would still have to play catch up if the Jets win out.

Saturday: vs NYI

Monday: @ BUF

Tuesday: @WSH

Thursday: vs MTL

New York Rangers

44 GP 22W 17L 4OTL 48 PTS ROW 18

Currently in 8th, the Rangers are in danger to falling to 9th if they lose the next game based on ROW. Good news for Rangers fans is that all five games remaining are versus teams out of playoff spots but two games versus the Devils who would love to play spoiler with their foes across the Hudson. To catch the Leafs, the Rangers need at least 6 points in these 5 games. Here's how their schedule shapes up.

Friday: @ BUF

Sunday: vs NJD

Tuesday: @ FLA

Thursday: @ CAR

Saturday: vs NJD

New York Islanders

44 GP 23W 16L 5OTL 51 PTS ROW 20

Firmly in the 7th spot after last night, the Isles also likely need to surpass the Leafs in total points based on low ROW. Like the Rangers, the Isles play teams below them in the standings for the remaining for games, although Saturday afternoon versus WPG will be one to watch. Also important is that all remaining games are on the road which could make closing out the season more difficult (maybe not with a 13-5-2 road record). To catch the Leafs, the Islanders need at least 3 points in these 4 games. Here's their schedule.

Saturday: @ WPG

Tuesday: @ CAR

Thursday: @ PHI

Friday: @ BUF

Ottawa Senators

43 GP 23W 14L 6OTL 52 PTS ROW 19

Fuck the Sens! In 6th, one point back with a game in hand, the Sens have one of the tougher schedules out there. Let's hope they lose every single on of them.

Saturday: vs TOR

Monday: vs PIT

Thursday: @WSH

Saturday: vs PHI

Sunday: @ BOS

Washington Capitals

44 GP 24W 18L 2OTL 50 PTS ROW 21

Currently leading the Southeast and in the 3rd spot, a playoff spot is anything but guaranteed if Winnipeg can catch them in the standings. Good news for Leafs fans is that WSH actually has a pretty tough remainder of the year - playing three playoff teams and WPG although the last three are all home games. For the Leafs to fall out of contention, Washington will need to win at least two of their next four. Here's the schedule.

Saturday: @ MTL

Tuesday: vs WPG

Thursday: vs OTT

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