Lack of Red and White, leaves one feeling Blue and White



Once you get past yesterday's eye-opening TSN Team Canada Roster selection projections, one immediate thing comes to mind. There's barely a mention of a Maple Leaf representative on the roster, and, let's face it he's not even a 'bubble' guy.

That lone-wolf is Dion Phaneuf. Barring a host of unforeseen injuries, or an unreal production year from Phaneuf, it's pretty safe to say, that he won't make the Canadian roster. Outside of Phaneuf, the only other likely to extremely distant possibilities to make the roster are Joffrey Lupul and James Reimer. Who would also have to make the roster only in dire and extreme circumstances.

Let's face it, Canada's roster is filled with big-names, who are mostly a bunch converted centers who will be playing wing. Lupul, though he'd probably excel if given the opportunity, just won't make it, because he's not a big-enough name. Reimer, also, has yet to earn the big-game winner and consistency status like Lupul also won't even be mentioned. Unless you are kind enough want to put him in the honorable mention/bubble category.

Poor Dion. His skillset is so redundant in this class of defenseman. And, there isn't even a Chris Pronger here this time around.

In the future, maybe Nazem Kadri and Morgan Rielly, might also get consideration. But certainly not in Sochi.

But, I digress. This goes against most of Maple Leafs Olympic tradition history. While James van Riemsdyk, and Phil Kessel are locks for the USA Squad(and Jake Gardiner might get a look), history shows most Leafs players have traditionally-speaking, been foreign representatives. The easy names come to mind: Mats Sundin, Alexander Mogilny, Pavel Kubina, Jonas Hoglund, Tomas Kaberle in more recent years. For that matter, maybe even Nikolai Kulemin gets bypassed again this time.

So what does this say about the Maple Leafs and Team Canada? Well, nothing really.

What it does show is the team(which is supposed to be Hockey central and indicative of the entire nation representatively-speaking) lacks high-end Canadian forwards. Who, aside from Lupul, who won't even get a sniff at Team Canada Olympic roster mentions. It also means that the Leafs lack the other perennial roster intangibles: A high-end Canadian-born Centerman, and/or a mobile and effective RH shot from the blueline, who hails from the Great White North.

So, unless Don Cherry slams Team Canada for not picking a Maple Leaf to be on the roster, don't expect any Sochi changes anytime soon.

(Oh yeah, FWIW, I'd put St. Louis and Bergeron on that roster, without any second-guessing.) is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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