Kessel, So Hot Right Now

Do da stanky leg - Doug Pensinger

Links glorious links!


Sportsfeld Episode 1 – Obey Your Thirst
This is Archi's new podcast. Listen to it because it'll be great and you want to say you were in on the ground floor

How Much Does Hard Work Really Matter in the NHL?

Pretty great piece by Bourne on how "trying harder" is a pretty bad strategy for winning hockey games.

NHLPA93 vs NHL94

DGB brings us the definitive breakdown. I was an NHLPA93 kid myself.

LFR7 - Game 51

The Phoenix game.

The Plural of Anecdote is Not Data

"When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?" - Oscar Wilde

Can Kadri be the Superstar the Leafs Drafted?

The Leafs drafted a superstar?

Steve Spott Updates Toronto Marlies Half-Season

An interview with the baby buds coach.

Worth Watching For

Did Kassian duck Gadzic last night?

Thoughts on Thoughts

Bourne gives his taken on 30 Thoughts

Ice Makers in LA Face New Challenges

Yeah, like the fact that it's in Southern California.

Murphy: Where are the critics of the critics of the critics of Dave Nonis now?
This was pretty funny (note: Julian wrote that)

Comparing last season's Habs to this season's through 48 games
The Montreal Canadiens aren't nearly the team that they were last year. Some haven't noticed this, so in this piece, we'll be delving into how much the results have changed, before going into why later in the week.

The role coaching plays in save percentages
No one is arguing that Martin Brodeur has been a bad goalie during his career, but you can argue that he's been put in the best situations to post great numbers by his coaches.

Quantifying the added importance of recent data
Past history shouldn't affect our projections as much as the most recent results, but it's not meaningless either. Let's build a model for how we think the importance drops off with time.

Jack Edwards Mocks Peter Gammons, Makes Fart Noise During Bruins Game
Ok, sometimes Jack Edwards is hilarious

Robertson's Rant: On Accounting and Incentives
And this piece looks at how the real change is in the incentives for the team going forward and not the backward looking standings

Report: Growing appetite among general managers to change NHL's point system
As per Craig Custance, this would be a good change

Thug Life
Interesting piece on Tortorella, Hartley, and Burke and the idiocy from the other night

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