Thursday Leafs Links: Holland Down, Ashton Up

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Just in time for tonight's big game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Leafs Swap Ashton, Holland
Article from Jeffler at TLN.

BHS Podcast with Sean Gentille
They talk Olympic stuff, mostly.

NHL selling out more arenas than the NBA
Link via PD.

VLM Podcast 6
The latest from Michael Langlois.

Thoughts on Tim Gleason
From Hope In The Big Smoke.

An in-depth look at Team Canada
From Blue & White Brotherhood.

Winter Cluster
Don't buy in the hype the media lays on with a trowel about the Winter Classic. A gritty account of the world's greatest game.

Winners and losers from ‘HBO 24/7 Red Wings-Maple Leafs: Road To The NHL Winter Classic’
Got the coaches backwards

2014 Olympics: Team Canada's wealth of talent results in star-studded roster – and inevitable second-guessing
Bloo bloo it's a tough job

Ashton re-joins Leafs with added confidence
More on yesterday's move

Blue Jackets: Olympic team snub frustrates Jack Johnson
What a baby. Dude, you suck. Don't be upset that USA Hockey finally woke up

NHL Awards 2013-14: Who’s winning at the midpoint?
Some debate starters

Systems Advisor: How I would coach Team Canada to maximize their chance at gold in Sochi
How Bourne would coach Team Canada.

Team PDO at the Halfway Mark
Lots of charts and graphs!

Leafs Notebook – January 8
Lots of good stuff here. Nothing you haven't really read before in the broad strokes but good details.

On Team Canada, probabilities and possibilities
The Scott Lewis with a great argument for why taking Kunitz was the safest choice Hockey Canada could make

Are the Flyers really better off when Claude Giroux plays less?
The numbers show that the Flyers win more and Claude Giroux scores more when he plays fewer than 21 minutes of ice time in a hockey game. Let's talk about why that is.

Olympic hockey rosters shouldn't be built with NHL constraints
Olympic decision makers have applied NHL logic when building their Sochi-bound teams. They shouldn't do that.

The NHL's best penalty-killing forwards this season
A look at the top five with no points given to low-minute players or guys that play on shitty penalty kills

Here are all 12 Olympic hockey rosters
Find all 12 Winter Olympic hockey rosters here.

Canada's Olympic picks: Why Hamhuis and Vlasic?
Cham Chimmons investigates

Mirtle: Leafs short bench in for test during busy schedule
Randy Carlyle’s aversion to using his fourth line or trust young offensive players could make Toronto’s upcoming gruelling schedule even more difficult, writes James Mirtle

Zenon Kenopka's Team Canada
Not a bad team but he should have taken Reimer or Bernier.

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