Tuesday Leafs Links Bonanza!


There is some really good stuff on tap today, so get your reading helmets on.

T.J. Brennan: AHL God

This is a great look at a player we seldom hear much about. Definitely worth a read.

Team Canada practices, Canadians angry about the lines

Even getting the chance to complain about Sidney Crosby's linemates is a gift. No, it doesn't mean Kunitz should be there, but the team could very well still win with things the way they are. From CBC.

Meanwhile, at the Team USA practice

Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk are skating with Joe Pavelski. This story is from Fear The Fin.

Taylor Hall under the mircroscope (Part 1)

Tyler Dellow Fixates.

Taylor Hall under the microscope (Part 2)

Tyler Dellow is still fixated.

Another Team Canada Preview

Blue and White Brotherhood have their say.

Yzerman defends NHL participation at the Olympics

He also doesn't like the idea that Olympic success hinges solely on Canadian hockey teams. I know that sounds obvious, but for him to come up with that statement, someone had to ask him the question. Article from CBC.

Poile hit with puck, will not go to Sochi

The U.S. team's general manager is going to watch from home. This article also from CBC.

Dan Church's resignation doesn't pass the smell test

One last article from CBC (who have been absolutely nailing the Olympic coverage so far) is about an intriguing situation that I hadn't heard about until yesterday.

At the break: 30 teams, 30 questions

The latest installment from Down Goes Brown is always worth a read.

Canada's No. 1 Goalie? Under Carey Price's mask lurks a pitiless competitor

Encouraging words from Sean Gordon of the Globe and Mail.

Should Gay Athletes Protest At The Winter Olympics in Sochi?
Good quote from an Austrian ski jumper in there

Seven Must-Watch Winter Olympics Events
Load up on information

There Is No Recovery From This Position
David Moyes Forever

4 cynical reasons the NBA will raise the draft age minimum
The NBA looks poised to raise the draft age minimum to 20 sometime soon. Here's why.

Emotionally preparing for this being the last NHL Olympics
I hope not :(

Hurtling down a Himalayan highway and a man named after an underwear brand
Athletes from Tonga and India prove the barriers to qualifying for the Games can be overcome

Nine things you should know about this past weekend in football
Lots of good stuff in here

Machine Learning & Pre-Game Text Reports to Forecast Success in Hockey
This is cool as heck

The Top “Young Guns” in NHL History
Very cool work. Man, what a shame that Kariya missed Nagano.

Oral history of 2010 gold medal game
It was an emotional roller coaster, a day neither Canada nor the United States will forget. We look back on one of the greatest Olympic hockey games ever played.

Forget Top Six-Bottom Six, Embrace “Top-12″

Why not go with a more skilled group when Bolland returns?


Jen Scrivens shares with us her thoughts on her husbands trade to Edmonton and how a family deals with moving in the NHL.

The Quiet Room: Kris Letang’s mysterious illness? A stroke

JoNana is awesome

Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal: game over after 20 minutes thanks to superb one-touch football

Tactical breakdown of Liverpool's absolute tonking of Arsenal

F365s Top Ten Premier League Hat-Tricks

Robbie Fowler's hat trick is woefully underrated

Philadelphia Union gripes city that gave it $77m for stadium is imposing “unfriendly business environment”

Gee, the economic benefits aren't pouring in? What a shock

Canadian & American women’s teams might be dominating themselves out of the Olympics

Hopefully not though

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