Tuesday Leafs Links

The Sprinkler - @Arguela15

Things to read while you pass away the time

A few notes on the Leafs from Mike Brophy

Dads come on the road trip

JvR had the flu

Jerred Smithson recalled

Kadri in the middle of scrums

The Leafs: some kind of TV show

I hadn't heard of this until today, but I guess there is a short feature coming out on Dave Bolland's efforts to keep fit and get back into the Leafs' lineup. It airs Thursday on Leafs TV.

Steve Dangle Podcast

The latest instalment

Vanek turns down offer from NYI, probably going to be traded

I guess in the end, this isn't much of a shock.

Tired of lopsided wins, there's been a change to Olympic women's hockey

The ladies are lucky it's even still in the games

Story stream: Raphael Diaz traded for Dale Weise

All the reaction from HEOTP

Kings interested in Sam Gagner?

JFTC takes a look at what Gagner could bring to the table

Stats stuff: Puck Prospectus looks at shooting % vs. talent

"It seems many times we either use goal-based or shot-based analysis and throw out the role shooting percentage plays altogether. We can do better then this. We know shooting success means something, sometimes."

Washington, Yakupov, and the lessons of Lupul

From Tyler Dellow

Trade talk from McKenzie and Dreger

Just a link to TSN

Why did Michel Therrien change the Canadiens' system?
Another pair of losses without much positive to speak of, and it's come to the time where we're wondering what it's going to take for Marc Bergevin to act on the problem.

The Seahawks win the Super Bowl: Deserve had nothing to do with it
Like everyone else in sports, the Seahawks don't deserve anything. So instead of waiting, they just took what they wanted.

The Quiet Room: NHL Ironmen
And a medical explanation of lace bite.

Street Fighter 2: An Oral History
The history of Street Fighter 2. As told by these who were there.

Cullen: In defence of Alexander Ovechkin
TSN takes down the Department of Hockey Analytics

Luke Gazdic - 240 lb Anchor
If the Oilers ever want to ice a winning team, Luke Gazdic needs to go.

Forecasting Future Goalie Performance with Four Year Hockey Marcels
Interesting method and look at the results for Scrivens, Reimer, and Bernier. More interesting, look at Goose.

Revisited: The 2006 J.S. Aubin Run
The lesson: any player or team can go on an obscene hot streak

Free city land raises public cost of Red Wings arena to more than $300m
But make sure that you cut those dastardly public employees' pensions!

Secrets of Kessel’s success include unique stick and deceptive strength

Remember, he's fat and lazy and out of shape.

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