Who is your goalie and what does he do?

Much has been said about the goal tending round here lately. Especially the topic of fair play. Is Bernier being favourited? Is Reimer being scorned? Who Shot Mr Burns?

Well I did this to help us look into it. First the raw data used, a game by game history of who started, the ending SV% and if they won or lost. Feel free to dig through yourself

Game 1 - Oct 1st - Reimer - .919 - W

Game 2 -Oct 2nd - Bernier - .969 - W

Game 3 -Oct 3rd - Reimer start .810 P Bernier R 1.00

Game 4- Oct 8th- Bernier .939 L

Game 5- Oct 10th- Bernier 1.00 W

Game 6- Oct 12th- Bernier 839 W

Game 7- Oct 15th- Reimer 973 W

Game 8- Oct 17th- Reimer 1.00 Hurt Bernier 919 L

Game 9- Oct 19th- Bernier 925 L

Game 10-Oct 22nd- Bernier 920 W

Game 11- Oct 25th- Bernier 886 L

Game 12- Oct 26th- Reimer 974 W

Game 13- Oct 29th- Reimer 1.00 W

Game 14- Oct 30th- Bernier .953 W

Game 15- Nov 2nd- Reimer 915 L

Game 16- Nov 8th- Bernier 971 W

Game 17-Nov 9th- Reimer 939 L

Game 18- Nov 13th- Bernier 971 L

Game 19-Nov 15th- Bernier 923 L

Game 20-Nov 16th- Reimer 943 W

Game 21-Nov 21st- Bernier 857 L

Game 22-Nov 23rd- Reimer 980 W

Game 23-Nov 25th- Reimer 714 P Bernier 1.000 (1 shot) L

Game 24- Nov 27th-Bernier 896 L

Game 25- Nov 29th- Reimer 897 L

Game 26- Nov 30th-Bernier 896 L

Game 27-Dec 3rd- Reimer 925 W

Game 28-Dec 5th- Bernier 960 W

Game 29-Dec 7th- Riemer 940 W

Game 30-Dec 8th Bernier 895 L

Game 31-Dec 11th Bernier 870 L

Game 32-Dec 12th Reimer 800 P Bernier 900 L

Game 33-Dec 14th Bernier 893 W

Game 34-Dec 16th Bernier 933 L

Game 35-Dec 17th Reimer 870 L

Game 36-Dec 19th Reimer 971 W

Game 37-Dec 21st Reimer 750 P Bernier 962 W

Game 38-Dec 23rd Bernier 977 L

Game 39-Dec 27th Bernier 914 W

Game 40-Dec 29th Bernier 953 W

Game 41-Jan 1st Bernier 953 W

Game 42- Jan 4th Reimer 899 P Bernier 844 L

Game 43- Jan 7th Bernier 833 L

Game 44- Jan 9th Reimer 833 L

Game 45- Jan 10th Bernier 914 L

Game 46- Jan 12th Bernier 947 W

Game 47- Jan 14th Bernier 927 L

Game 48- Jan 15th Reimer 900 W

Game 49-Jan 18th Bernier 909 W

Game 50- Jan 20th Bernier 951 W

Game 51- Jan 21st Reimer 946 W

Game 52- Jan 23rd Reimer 733 P Bernier 769 L

Game 53- Jan 25th Reimer 789 P Bernier 923 L

Game 54- Jan 28th Bernier 952 W

Game 55- Jan 30 Bernier 921 W

Game 56- Feb 1st Bernier 885 L

Game 57- Feb 4th Bernier 936 W

Game 58- Feb 6th Bernier 971 W

Game 59- Feb 8th Bernier 970 W

Game 60- Feb 27th Bernier 857 L

Game 61- March 1st Bernier 867 L


So lets put that into some more easily digestible numbers,

Johnathan Bernier has had 37 starts to James Reimer's 24, for arguments sake, let's say a "good" game is one where a goalie posts a save percentage of 910 or greater.

13 of Bernier's starts have come after wins, 5 of Reimer's have. 9 of Bernier's starts have come after losing the previous game, 2 of Reimers have.

17 of Bernier's starts have come after playing a "good" game, 5 of Reimer's have.

5 of Bernier's games have come after playing a "bad" game, 2 of Reimer's have.

For the sake of more info, Bernier has played on the tail end of a back 4 times to Reimer's 7.

Now for starting games in a row. Reimer has started 2 games in a row three separate times and 3 games in a row twice.

Bernier has started 2 games in a row 4 times, 3 games in a row 3 times, 4 games in a row once and 8 games in a row once (split by the Olympic break)

Now for the big finish, which goalie has been given more games to "win back the net" after a bad game? Well Johnathan Bernier of course! By the arbitrary standard I have set he got 4 opportunities to Reimer's 2.

I have no conclusion, this was an exercise in basic data gathering. If you don't like the metrics or wish to make your own evaluations on said data, have at it. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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