Was Peter Holland a waste of a 2nd round pick?




There's been some discussion in the media recently about Mittenstringers criticizing Dave Nonis' decision for using a 2nd round pick on former 1st round selection Peter Holland.

For the record, Holland has done mostly pretty well. Even being used sparingly as a 3rd line center, and sometimes being scratched by Randy Carlyle here's how his number pan-up:

Scoring Stats Goals Assists Ice Time
Season Age Tm Lg GP G A PTS GC +/- PIM EV PP SH GW EV SH PP S S% TOI ATOI Awards
2013-14 23 TOT NHL 37 6 5 11 5 0 16 5 1 0 0 5 0 0 38 15.8 424 11:28

Dare I say, these are decent enough numbers for a guy who's been mostly featured as a 3rd line center, who's received almost next to none when it comes to power-play time.

Actually what Nonis did was move a 2nd for a 1st round drafted player who could have a future long-term impact on the team.

But, let's look at a recent history of Leafs 2nd round picks:

Going back to 1984 the Leafs have only selected 4 players who made any impact in the NHL. Which says both something about scouting, player development and what kind of depth and talent there really is at this position. In recent years, only Nik Kulemin has made the roster as a home-grown talent drafted in the 2nd round who's made any kind of significant impact on the roster. The rest have all been basically busts, or are relatively unknowns at this point.

So for every Mike Cammalleri/Milan Lucic/Ryan O'Rielly drafted there are always lots of other guys who never make any impact at all:

1984 2 25 Todd Gill Canada D 1007 103 NHL Player
1988 2 27 Tie Domi Canada RW 1020 98 NHL player
1989 2 57 Steve Bancroft Canada D 6 Bust
1990 2 31 Felix Potvin Canada G 640

72 Hit. (Note no 2nd round picks between 1991-1995)

1996 2 36 Marek Posmyk Czech D 19

Two busts in a row

2003 2 57 John Doherty United States D
2006 2 44 Nikolai Kulemin Russia L/RW 214 Only player making a difference in 16 years.
2008 2 60 Jimmy Hayes United States RW Bust. Has yet to earn full-time NHL job.
2009 2 50 Kenny Ryan United States RW Bust
2009 2 58 Jesse Blacker Canada D Traded to Anaheim, likely a bust
2010 2 43 Brad Ross Canada LW Not living up to the hype
2012 2 35 Matt Finn Canada D

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