Marlies D projections could further complicate Leafs D roster decisions for 2014-2015





Much has been written about which Maple Leafs defenseman from this roster will remain or be subtracted from the 2014-2015 Toronto Maple Leafs. Either from potential buyouts, or potential trades. There have been some discussions about who stays and who goes when you look at Dion Phaneuf, Carl Gunnarsson, Morgan Rielly, Jake Gardiner, Paul Ranger, and Tim Gleason.

But the fact remains the same. Decisions, decisions, decisions will have to be made on both levels. What happens with the Leafs will affect what happens with the Marlies and vice-versa.

Look no further than the Marlies roster for next season when it comes to slots and tough decisions that will have to be made. How this translates with the Marlies roster, and the Leafs roster will also skew further decisions the organization will have to make next season, and there will be tough choices to make.

The organization signed Victor Loov this week, making him a probably a more near than further addition to the Marlies roster. Petter Granberg made an appearance in the final game of the Leafs season, and, TJ Brennan is knocking on the door, quite loudly.

But it gets more complicated from there:

Here are potential adds to the Marlies roster next season:

  • Matt Finn. His time with Guelph is up. Most likely Marlies ready now.
  • Victor Loov. Projects to become a Marlie, but might start out somewhere else.
  • Tom Nilsson. Again, could become a Marlie, or like Loov might start out somewhere else.
  • Max Everson: A long-shot prospect, but will probably stay on with Harvard.

So here's a look at the current Marlies roster:

4 Dylan Yeo
40 Eric Knodel
8 Petter Granberg
2 Andrew MacWilliam
26 Kevin Marshall
10 Stuart Percy
5 Korbinian Holzer
3 T.J. Brennan

Either way you look at it there will be some tough decisions that will have to be made. It's very likely some of these defenseman, along with possibly some current Leafs defenseman will be traded as the club tries to free up roster space and make changes where needed.

Some of these guys seem best suited as Marlies, and not as future Leafs. Holzer had a decent Marlies season, but he seems to have been lost in the mix now, and unless a swift change is made, it's doubtful he becomes a Leaf in the future. Granberg's call-up might mean he's close to being NHL ready, which could open the door for other moves. Brennan is also ready for an NHL stint. The rest are still developing as prospects, or are just destined as AHLers and will probably go no further.

It's also worth noting, Brennan is a UFA this season and will probably walk to where he can best get another NHL shot. Unless the Leafs can factor him in on the roster, which isn't likely. They could also choose to make other trades or not resign Paul Ranger if they plan to slot him in. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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