So the draft is coming up and it seems like we have ended up with the 8th overall pick. That is both a bad, and good thing. The good well, this is a pretty deep draft, and it seems like we might be able to get a pretty good player at number 8. The bad, well we are the 8th worst team in the league. Ill give my top 10 and where I think there going to go.

1st overall Florida: Aaron Ekblad, Defenseman. Its a toss up between him and Reinhart if you ask me, but the last couple of years the Panthers have taken Huberdeau and Barkov. That being the case I would be surprised if they pass on a franchise D man.

2nd Overall Buffalo: Sam Reinhart. Pretty easy pick here. his brother was a high draft pick, for some reason that usually matters, blood lines I guess. Still he is a heck of a player and a good leader, and should fit in nice with the young group the Sabers have up front.

3rd overall Edmonton: Sam Bennett, Another very skilled forward, who is know for his two way play. I'm guessing Edmonton would have liked a D man, but there isn't another one ranked till 10th or 11th (Fleury) think that would be a reach at 3. But the next best thing would be a two way forward who is being compared to Gilmore.

4th overall: Calgary, Leon Draisaitl: I know I'm pretty much just going in order of most analyst's, but this is what I think its going to end up being the case. This big German, somewhat came out of nowhere. Had 105 points in 67 games, with a big frame playing in the WHL, also played good in the playoffs even if only for one round.

5th overall: New York Islanders, Dal Colle: Another good two way forward, already has an NHL release and shot. Big frame had 95+ points playing on a good team in Oshawa. Should be a good power forward, with possibly the best scoring touch in the draft.

6th overall: Vancouver Canucks, William Nylander: Big left winger, another blood line guy. Can play both Centre and LW, started off slow this year in a Swedish league, but really turned it on as of late to move up.

7th overall: Carolina Hurricane, Nick Ritchie, Very big framed forward, putting up a lot of points 74 in 61 games playing in the OHL plays RW, could be the best Power forward in the draft. Did hear that he can be inconsistent which is why he is only ranked around the 7-10 area on most lists.

8th overall: TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS, Brendan Perlini, Another big forward, plays LW, put up 71 points in 58 games 34 goals, already 6,3 and over 200 pounds and has good quickness along with and NHL ready shot and surprisingly somewhat for a big man a very strong passer.

9th overall: Winnipeg Jets, Nikolaj Ehlers, Great speedy forwards, lacks a bit in size. That being said he is very in your face and not afraid to go in the corners he had 104 points and 49 goals in 63 games witch is very very impressive, but he did play on one of the best CHL teams in Halifax, that includes some pretty good players, one being Jonathan Drouin.

10th overall: Anaheim Ducks (via Ottawa), Hayden Fleury, there were still some players I liked as much as Fleury, the two strongest candidates where Kapanen and McCann for myself. I do however see the ducks wanting a D man, and Fleury fits the spot, He has good size and is a great skater, good defensively and added 46 points in 70 games also.

Anyways this would be my guess of how it goes, obviously there's a good chance I'm totally wrong, but hoping I can get a couple right. That being said who would you guys like us to take with the 8th overall pick in this year's draft. Also feel free to say who we could get at 38 overall, as there could be some very interesting players still on the board at that time. is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor of

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