Tonight we gon party like it's 1799


I can't tell if I'm trolling Leafs fans or Bruins fans

Leaf of the Day


It was 51 years ago when the Leafs won the '62 Cup, and 62 years ago today when Barilko won the '51 Cup.

NHL 13 XBOX GM Connected League


Anyone interested in joining a GM Connected league for Xbox? League is in its third season. We have about 10/30 teams filled right now and are looking to add. Lots of good players still available. Looking for respectful gamers of all different skill levels. We go through a season every couple of months. Search "League PX" in the game, and please join the facebook group posted.

Say NO to Kiprusoff


@SuicidePass suggested there should be Kiprusoff attack ads. I fancy myself a facilitator.

Customized Rec Appearance for PPP


Stylish is a Firefox/Chrome extension that allows you to change web pages locally as the page is rendering. A while back I created a custom style to make recs on PPP look blue and instead of a thumbs up have the Leafs logo. Since the sbnation changes it's been out of date but I've updated it as well as adding some new looks. So either update or go install it by visiting the url and enjoy "blueing" things!

Iginla to the Pens


Well, not really Leafs related (except the fact that we might have to play against him in the future), but Iginla is traded to the Pens for 1st round in the 2013 NHL Draft, the rights to unsigned draft choice Kenneth Agostino and unsigned draft choice Ben Hanowski. I thought Iginla was going to fetch more than that to be honest, but hey, UFA right?

PPPPrognostication: When Will Jake Gardiner Get Called Up?


When's Gardiner finally going to join the big club? Take part in this PPPPrognostication and see if you're as smart as Randy Carlyle!

Blue recs for firefox


Credit to jmsmorris and plen for the style. Find your firefox profile directory (this is different for different operating systems, google it for yours). Find the "chrome" directory under it (create it if it doesn't exist). Get the contents of the link, and put it in a file called userContent.css in the chrome directory (create the file if it doesn't exist, append it if it's already there). Restart firefox. For comparison, I put mine here: C:\Users\Oafijev\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\vb3hgdj2.default\chrome\userContent.css .

Chatty Cathy February - it will fail, I'm telling you all


the number14 may make you think but I'm doing the opposite with this link


Fanshots on the Go

Drag this button to your browser bar to start sharing Fanshots

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