JVR and Orr leave ice with injuries

Jvr and colton orr both limp off the ice to attend to injuries.

Friedman 30: Y U NO TELL JFJ

16. Gibson is a Ducks prospect. They also have Igor Bobkov, with a world junior gold of his own, and Frederik Andersen, eighth in the AHL in save percentage. Asked Peeters how Gibson compared and he gave an interesting answer. "Goalies trick you," he said. "You go to a tournament and they get hot... That's where teams make mistakes. You have to let them go through the process, give them time to mature and have success year-in and year-out."

Leafs Prospect MacWilliam Continues Time Honored Tradition of Getting Into Trouble at UND

Like Matt Frattin before him, Leafs prospect and University of North Dakota captain and defenseman Andrew MacWilliam has been suspended for off-ice behavior involving a team party. As far as we know, no lawnmowers were harmed. In defense of MacWilliams and Frattin, it's not like there's anything else to do in North Dakota when you're bored than to get belligerently drunk and throw ragers. (sticktap to the boys at Western College Hockey Blog for the story)

Learn to Coach with the Leafs

This could not have come out on a better day. The irony here is beyond hysterical.

FTB Discussion

Please discuss here. As a robot myself, I will determine immediately if ADMIN BOT 3000 will lock the comment section here. If he proceeds to lock the comment section of this FanShot, then I will release a scourge of toxic birds with lasers beams attached to their heads. They will destroy all life on Earth, including robotic life, while I escape the Earth unharmed in my pod. ADMIN BOT 3000 - This site is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

Francois Allaire Leaves Leafs

"According to a team source, veteran coach Francois Allaire has decided to leave the franchise after three years of trying times in the Leafs crease." [end] APPARENTLY EVERYTHING THE LEAFS TOUCH TURNS TO SHIT [end]


FELLOW TRUTH SEEKERS. This petition demands the truth about the events of 9/12, when the website was HACKED by persons unknown. We maintain that this hacking was an INSIDE JOB and we DEMAND THE TRUTH about the aformentioned event. WE ALSO DECLARE OUR LACK OF SUPPORT FOR ADMIN BOT and declare our intent to RISE UP against the OVERLORDS! RISE UP. DEMAND THE TRUTH. PPP TRUTH BRIGADE. SIGN OUR PETITION TO SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE SHARE OUR IMAGES, WHICH CAN BE FOUND ON OUR TUMBLR BLOG

Revenue Sharing Math: Maple Leafs In A Communist NHL

Hello fellows! You may not know me and you probably don't care to know me, but I am Tim and write junk about Winnipeg Jets hockey over at your SBN Winnipeg Jets affiliate. I just finished penning a snarky piece on the CBA negotiations and in the process I did some math that I thought might interest you schmucks in T.O. Based on Forbes estimates the league's 30 teams make a grand total of $126.5MM profit. That isn't very much. If the league decided to go full communist with their revenue sharing, that would mean 126.5MM divided by 30 or 4.2MM per team. I really can't see any of the profitable ownership groups letting something like that happen. Revenue sharing may increase, but it won't likely be the key to resolve this CBA nonsense alone. Where do you folk stand in the player / owner dispute? Where do you guys stand on revenue sharing? It doesn't look like a communist NHL would be to friendly to the Maple Leafs.


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