Maple Leafs Analysis

Randy Carlyle WOWYs

Tracking the development of possession metrics of Toronto Maple Leafs players over the past 3 seasons.

What is Randy Carlyle Costing The Leafs?

He might actually be negating the value of Phil Kessel. Read why.

Is David Clarkson's Contract Buyout-Proof?

David Clarkson's Contract is Maybe, Probably Buyout-Proof

Coincidence vs. Causation

Why people should probably hold off on anointing Tyler Bozak as the reason the Leafs are improved.

What is the Leafs Predicted Record in February

Probable Game Outcomes based on Fancy Stats

Leafs Predicted Record for January

Lets take a look at how things break down in January

Where Will The Leafs Be In A Month?

Make your predictions and match them up against our magic!

Why Our PK Has Started To Falter

Maybe a realignment in expectations would be advisable

Who Have The NHL's Best D Been So Far This Year?

A look at the quarter season results using dCorsi - a Shot Differential based analytic comparing Expected and Actual results.

Flowzak? More Like Blowzak

Is Tyler Bozak a good option as a top 6 centre for the Leafs?


Leafs goaltending still the key

Randy Carlyle's magic goalie dust is still in action

How Does Goalies Age?

Is there realistically reason to assume the typical young goalie improves as he gains NHL experience? Doesn't look like it.

Do The Leafs excel at giveaways and takeaways?

No - and they're not likely to anytime soon with Randy Carlyle at the helm.

How can we measure Grit? Ricardo has the answer.

Lets see if we can factor intangibles into the equation(s)...

Realism and David Clarkson?

Lets look and see what people should ACTUALLY expect out of David Clarkson

Would you sign Gregory Campbell as your 1C?

He's the closest comparable to Tyler Bozak over the last 6 years... so ... ouch.

SDI v2.1 - Part 2

Top 20 and Bottom 20 Shut Down D Men in the NHL - plus access to 1, 2, and 6 year data sets.

SDI v2.1 - Shut Down Index 2012-13 - Part 1

A look at the underlying logic and statistics behind the Defensive Shut Down Index v2.1

What Stats Matter and Why?

Which statistics correlate to winning and are reliable?

The Star Is Bad At Analysis

No seriously - don't read the actual article - just read this...

Leafs 7th Round Pick - Andreas Johnson

Who is the small speedy Swede selected by the Leafs 202nd overall?

Round 6, 172 Overall - Antoine Bibeau (G)

Why did they take a shot with Antoine Bibeau a year after he was first draft eligible?

Round 5, 142 Overall - Fabrice Herzog (RW)

Did the Leafs actually select a guy named Herzog? Yes. He is not related to the baseball player. Read more.

Round 3, 82nd Overall - Carter Verhaeghe (C)

Find out why the Leafs selected this kid 82nd overall?

Round 1, 21st Overall - Frederik Gauthier (C)

Look for some insight into the Leafs top draft pick at the 2013 NHL draft

When is an upgrade not really an upgrade?

Why trading for Jonathan Bernier makes less sense the more you look at it.

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