Maple Leafs Game Recaps

Leafs End Season With A Loss To Ottawa, 1-0


In a way, it was a perfect last game for both Reimer and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Reimer stopped 36 of 37, including several breakaways after defensive breakdowns, but got no goal support and was...

Leafs Do Smart Thing, Lose 4-2 to FLA


Tim Leiweke, in a strong managerial move, elected to help the Toronto Maple Leafs by not firing Dave Nonis and Randy Carlyle with two games left in the season. The Leafs' mantra of "confidence over...

Leafs Fail to Win A Must Win: Jets 4, Leafs 2


The defense was bad, the offense wasn't great, and the playoff hopes are pretty much shot.

Leafs Win A Wild One: TOR: 4, BOS: 3 (OT)


A blown lead. An injured goalie. An overtime hero. This one was a nailbiter.

Leafs End 8 Game Losing Streak Against Calgary


The Toronto Maple Leafs found a team they can beat: the 4th-worst in the NHL.

It's Still Not The Goaltending, Stupid STL 5 TOR 3


A loss to the St Louis Blues makes the Leafs' last few games into some must-wins against some stuff opponents.

The Ugly, The Good, and The Bad - Caps 4, Leafs 2


The Leafs showed up to Washington one period late, and it put them in a deficit that even a strong second period couldn't overcome.

Oh Well: Sharks Over Leafs, 6-2


The Leafs played the Sharks in the second half of a back to back. Sit down for this: they lost.

Leafs With Two More SHGs Against, Beat Rangers 3-2


After a quiet deadline, the Leafs came out and put a cap on their three game losing streak with a high-flying win over Martin St. Louis and the Rangers.

Penalties Kill as Leafs Fall to Habs in Overtime


Top wingers score, goalie makes a dumb decision. This is: the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Leafs Lose to Leaderless Long Islanders, 5-4 (OT)


The Leafs played the New York Islanders tonight, and dropped the lead three times. They walked out with one point for and a whopping five goals against.

Leafs Get Outplayed, Outscored by Florida Lose 4-1


Nazem Kadri had a nice takeaway followed by a good dish to Clarkson, who scored his fourth goal of the season. Otherwise? It was ugly.

Leafs Steal Point From Pavelec Fall to Jets 5-4 OT


The Leafs' goaltending was not so good last night, but since Pavelec is terrible at his job, Toronto came away with a point.

Leafs Lose To Dallas By Six. No One Fired Yet.


Leafs get embarrassed in Dallas, 7-1.

Maple Leafs: 5, Colorado MacKinnons: 2


The Leafs' skilled forwards and defensemen threw four goals up early to carry the Leafs past Nathan MacKinnon's second-half pair.

Leafs Beat Habs 5-3 With Highlight Reel Plays


The skill players delivered and the Habs were sent home without any points at all.

Leafs Hang On For 3-2 Shootout Victory


Another failure to win in regulation, and the coach wants to talk about "breathing room." Cool.

Leafs Fall 3-2 to Capitals' Third String Goalie


Ovechkin scored, in part because there's no one on that side to challenge him as he walks in off a line change (can't tell if Franson, coming on-ice after a line change, stopped skating before or...

Leafs Humiliated At Home, 7-1. No One Fired Yet


The Toronto Maple Leafs were blown out of their own building by the Rangers in a 7-1 loss. Despite obvious red flags, from ownership to the coaching staff, it seems like no one is willing to...

Bernier Carries to the Shootout, Leafs Lose 2-1


Leafs get massively outshot. Goaltending gets the team a point. You've heard this song before.


#SeaOfBlue Resembles #SeaOfPoo

Watching the Leafs lose nightly requires a #SeaOfBooze

Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins Beat Leafs 3-1


Sidney Crosby and the very injured Penguins beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1.

Leafs' Skill Soars Past Blackhawks, 7-3


D'Amigo scores his career first, Lupul puts up a four point night, and Holland netted two. It was a fun night to be a Leafs fan.

Leafs Get Dominated By Blues, Game Ends 6-3


The Leafs gave up 22 shot attempts and three goals in 20 minutes, and despite a pair of goals and a deflection, the game stayed ugly for the last 40.

Leafs Play Best Game of Season, Lose 3-1 v LA


In stark contrast to the usual - winning poorly - the Leafs managed to play very well in a 3-1 loss to the LA Kings. And it's thanks to the team's skill players.

Leafs Humiliated By Columbus, 6-0


The Leafs scored no goals and allowed six. Both James Reimer and Jonathon Bernier saw time behind what would kindly be described as "Amateur Hour On Ice."

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