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Pricing Dany Heatley


How the Anaheim Ducks' latest signing stacks up against some other recent Free Agent contracts.

a trade that will totally blow your mind and a new caps blog as well


bill simmons trade idea game who says no first.... IGGY TO THE CAPS>>>> tell me that doesnt get you tempted to read..... also starting a new caps blog figured what the hey everybody else is doing it, is also practice for school. Anyways read if you can, people I really think this could work but obviously would never happen in a million years.

The Salary Cap-To be Filled at All Cost


This story is legendary among the Yucca family. When I was six years old, I got paid my allowance. It was something like five bucks. I desperately wanted to buy something with it. I wanted a G.I....

The Armchair GM: Marc Normandin, Red Sox (Fake) General Manager


Kicking off a series where Over the Monster authors take their turn as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox for the 2011-2012 offseason.

Capgeek has been upgraded


It looks like the guys over at capgeek.com have been busy. They have enhanced the Beta Line Editor and made it a more integral part of the site. As a web designer/developer I have to say it is a pretty nice improvement over the previous incarnation. Lots of AJAX wizbang going on there. It looks like they might have consulted with this guy (seriously check the link, best resume EVAR!!!). 1...2...3...Rosterbate BTW - how many of you think of the movie Idiocracy when you hear the word Upgrade

Just One Thing


Slow day, so a question for all: If you could wear the GM's hat for a day and do just one thing, what would it be? Would you propose a particular trade and call up the other GM to discuss? Promote or demote or hire or fire someone, players included? Redecorate your office? What?

The Leafs Need Your Help Solving the Bozak Conundrum!


Let your imagination run wild in a completely realistic kind of way. What should the Maple Leafs do with Tyler Bozak?

The Maple Leafs Invite You to Take a Seat In the Armchair


On the backs of very impressive training camps thus far what would you do to deal with the Kiddie Corps?

Rating The Oilers' Defense: Brian Burke Style


A look at the Oilers defensive corps, through the method of Toronto Maple Leafs' GM Brian Burke.

Fantasy GM: Should the Islanders target Dustin Byfuglien?


With the Blackhawks hitting salary cap trouble, it's an ideal chance for the Islanders to poach a player like Dustin Byfuglien.

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