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NBA Disappointment: Jason Kidd's Final Years in New Jersey

Another themed post for this offseason as we'll be discussing disappointments in franchise history. For the Nets, that would be the final years of Jason Kidd's time in New Jersey.

Blowing It Up: A Round Up


While you celebrate the dismissal of JFJ and await the first steps towards the Leafs' Stanley Cup in 2012 here is a round-up of links for an extremely busy day. James Mirtle features yours truly...

Blowing It Up: A Liveblog


Ok, for those of you that can't see the press conference I am going to liveblog it over lunch.Update: Now that I have a bit more time here is a bit of a recap of the press conference. In terms of...

Blowing It Up: It's Official! Fergie Fired


We can call it: Time of Firing - 11:45:35am on January 22, 2008. The end of John Ferguson's reign as General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs came as no surprise to anyone with a television,...

Blowing It Up: D-Day?


Could this be the end of our long national nightmare? Could JFJ be relieved of his GM duties today or tomorrow? Last night the MLSE board of directors met to discuss the immediate future of the...

Blowing It Up: Contest Update


Well, the firing of JFJ is taking a lot more time than many had expected. I guess Cliff just couldn't miss his vacation in Mexico. Granted, if I was walking into the mess that resides at 40 Bay I...

[Recap] Leafs 5 v. Hurricanes 4: Deviating From The Plan


Listen Leafs, we all came to an agreement over the past couple of weeks. You guys were going to continue your terrible play, doing just enough (or more than enough) to lose games, and we were going...

Blowing It Up: A Ray Of Light?


Well, it looks like JFJ's shabby treatment at the hands of the Leafs will move one step closer to ending. Whether the interim solution will be Cliff Fletcher will, according to Bob McKenzie, be...

Toronto Maple Leafs v. Carolina Hurricanes


The Leafs return home from their disastrous three game West Coast road trip and host the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. For those with a masochistic bend, the game is on Sportsnet Ontario in the...

Blowing It Up: Contest Time!


So Shoalts is reporting that the JFJ countdown can begin. Time for contest numero dos here at Pension Plan Puppets. I am going to write more about JFJ's tenure soon but in case he manages to...

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