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Al Strachan, folks.


Brian Burke Interview on the Fan590


I'm surprised Burke didn't strangle them in the first 15 seconds because Cox and McCown are laying on the "asshole" thick and heavy. Anywho, give it a listen to a) further the legend of Brian Burke, b) get some good sound bites of the legend that is Brian Burke. Part 2 starting with Burke's thoughts on the SI players' poll here.

Horse Up Moose - Burke Donates Horse to Toronto Police


Following a visit to the Toronto Police Service Mounted Unit barn earlier this year, Toronto Maple Leafs president and general manager Brian Burke inquired about donating a horse. When told that his generosity would be accepted, he was asked to come up with a name and he promptly responded, with Moose. Burke called his deceased son, Brendan, Moose because of his large build.

Brian Burke Interviewed for Opinion on Concussion Research


I think people are reading Burke's comments on this all wrong. From them I gather that he a) is well aware of the risks of injury, brain or otherwise, in contact sports; b) knew those risks but still decided to play; and c) would like to see more substantiated and verified research done on the topic of CTE before people go to hysterics over this issue and begin doing things like pulling them kids from youth hockey. What do you think?

USA Hockey tabs Tallon for Men's National Team Advisory role


He and fellow member Brian Burke should have plenty to discuss.

Leafs' Burke defends Phaneuf from ACC boo-birds


Great story from Bob McKenzie on what Burke thinks of Phaneuf and his plans re: our scoring woes.

Interesting article about Burke and Alex Anthopoulos


Saw this when I was lurking on Bluebird Banter, gives some really good insight into how Burke runs things.

Burke no fan of CBA loophole


"... if a team has four guys on contract like that, they’re actually icing a team with false values on their players. And if another team is playing it square, then you’re losing ground." Right you are, Mr. Burke. Right you are.

Update from Burkey in Las Vegas


"I’ve turned down a late first-round pick for a player on my team already," Burke said, though he was vague whether it was Kaberle or Luke Schenn, whose name was also put forward by another team. "We’re at double digits in terms of teams who have made offers or expressed interest. There’s been lots of activity." "I have not had meaningful discussions with (Anaheim GM) Bob Murray about any player on my roster or his, certainly not Ryan."

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