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From The Branches


Let's call this burning eyes edition. Or the still sleepy edition. Or the why don't I just call in sick edition. Watching Sportscentre I saw Bryan Murray say that he had veteran options for his...

FTB - In Shock Edition


So let me get this straight: The former Leaf goaltender allows seven goals including a couple of ridiculously weak ones and the former Leaf forward gets outscored by the defenceman that the team...

FTB – Justin Time For Pogge!


Editor's Note: Here's a final guest FTB. We'll have one more long piece up this afternoon and then it's time for the Eliminator. Sure, that title may look corny, and potentially lame, but I like...

From The Branches


So now is it apparent why Ovechkin is the most popular player in the league? How can you not like him unless you are a Penguins fan upset about Baby being put in the corner. Anyway, great...

FTB - Regular Programming Resumes


We have a break in applicant FTBers today before resuming our search for a new intern on Monday. This All-Star break will give everyone a chance to put together something that's hopefully great on...

FTB - We're White, We're Blue, We're Drafting Higher Than You


Editor's Note: Here is the fourth and final FTB from our applicants. Please let us know what you think or we'll hire a Habs fan. Consistently drawn to defeat like an unrepentant shoe fetishist,...

FTB - The Breakfast of Champions Edition


Editor's Note: If you guys don't e-mail us feedback on our anonymous posters then you're not getting a new daddy/mommy and that just means that your current daddies will be grumpier about all of...

From The Branches - Short-term pain, Long-term gain?


Editor's Note: For anyone unfamiliar with the acronym FTB it stands for the above. It's not the greatest name but you guys didn't give me much to work with. It's the morning's first post that...

FTB - Huge News


There is some massive news coming out of Toronto today. Much bigger than the loss of Fredo. Justin Pogge will begin his NHL career Monday against the Atlanta Thrashers. The other big news is that...

FTB - Wyshinski's Team Stinks Too!


It feels good to have watched a Leafs team that can play some defence. Of course, they pulled this same trick last year at around the same time so we'll see if they manage to continue flying high. ...

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