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Ducks Gameday: Why Did They Leave Us?


Because they can't keep up. Ducks @ Red Wings.


How will the new realignment affect the Avalanche?

The NHL has a new realignment coming in affect, and this probably is leaving many of the Avalanche fans wondering how it will affect our team. The Avalanche are currently in the northwest division...

How to Stop Realignment in the South!


Conference realignment has been hot at major universities over the past couple of years and now its finally hit the South. How can it be stopped and will it ever be stopped?

The National, 4/29/13: Slip Slivin' Away


Mike Slive opened Pandora's Box, and now everyone's talking about cost of attendance and a potential split of Division I. Of course, Jon has thoughts.

NHL abandons 4 conferences


According to Elliiotte Friedman of CBC, the NHL notified teams today that the idea of 4 conferences has been dropped, replaced by two conferences, each with two divisions. The teams in the divisions are the same as the conferences, so nothing changes there, although it's safe to assume that it impacts the schedule, reducing travel from the West to East and the other way around. More details at Friedman's blog

New Conferences: Historical Head-to-Head Results


In which I look at the historical head-to-head results for the 4 newly proposed conferences and rank the teams in them based on these results.


Realignment Proposal

I’ve heard rumors that the NHL is going to try and work out realignment during this season and upcoming offseason. The league and players could end up agreeing to the radical "4...

Shotgun/Throwdown: VMI Hangover (11/29/12) Edition


Coverage of VMI win, postgame interviews, Kansas previews, player features, Big 12 roundup & more

Realignment: Keeping the Panthers with rivals from the good old US of A


On January 6th the NHLPA nixed the NHL's plan for realignment. I liked the plan but many other Panther fans did not. Is there a way to realign the league without sticking Florida in a conference...


CBA talk: What's going on regarding realignment?

The NHL’s proposed realignment plan seems to have gotten lost somewhere in that vast economic gulf that exists between the owners and the union. While hardly the key piece of the puzzle when it...

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