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Salary Cap Violation by Wilson? Via TSN


Wilson apparently "posted" some cash for a little extra motivation for the win against the Sharks. Is this a violation of the cap?

Kulemin Promoted To Top Line


Nik Kulemin has switched spots with Kris Versteeg on the top line at practice. The KBK line is reunited, and the MGV line gets its first trial run in the regular season.

Berger: Marleau Won't Play for Wilson Again


Though Berger doesn't comment on his most recent rift with RW, he does say that the leafs have no chance of landing Kovalchuk or Marleau, in part because of Wilson. How he knows these things God only knows. He does manage to get in another reference to Kool-Aid. I'm starting to think it's a product placement.

Wilson rips Kessel, media in rant at Maple Leafs' Practice


Wilson ripped into the team with reporters looking on, complaining about the squad's general ineffectiveness and singling out Phil Kessel in particular. "You have one (expletive) goal in your last 10 games," Wilson said to Kessel. "Actually at the end of the day, you guys shouldn't even watch us practice," Wilson said to the assembled scrum on Thursday. "This is the only sport where the media will report what you said to a player on the field of battle. You can't do it in football, baseball or basketball. How many basketball practices have you ever been to? None. "This is our office and it should be off-limits."

"Well, it's not tampering." Burke vs. the Vancouver media.


Brian Burke and Ron Wilson answer questions from the Vancouver media about Ryan Kesler, but make sure to preface every comment by pointing out that they're not tampering. The best part is that the Vancouver writer doesn't seem to understand that he's being mocked.

Great draft year: 1975


Check out the Leafs draft history. 1975 was a good year for future NHL coaches/GMs: Leafs drafted Bruce Boudreau, Ron Wilson, Ken Holland and Doug Jarvis in the same year.

RIP - Vesa Toskala's Stint as a Leaf


Coach Ron Wilson - "When you get solid goaltending it certainly helps" Jason Blake- "He's made some saves that I call game-changers. Right at the key times and they've been outstanding. Last night and tonight, he was the difference. It was good to see." Phil Kessel - "Gustavsson in net tonight again - it's unbelievable. He played outstanding for us." Seems like the Monster has plenty of fans, and Toskala has plenty of fingers pointing at him for the Leafs woes.

Journeyman NHLer With A Hook Bashes Wilson


You know who has awesome insight into Ron Wilson's coaching ability? A borderline NHLer who played 6 games under him in 93-94. Also, don't forget the interview was made 3 games into the season and is JUST NOW surfacing to feed the flames of stupidity. The media seems to be doing all they can to stack the deck against this team.

Bruce "Ron Wilson About to be Fired" Garrioch


via J.P. @ Japers' Rink; Bruce Garrioch thinks Ron Wilson isn't long behind the bench in Toronto.

Mayers, Finger to play in D.C.


Wilson makes a couple of changes to the line-up for Saturday. Rosehill, Exelby out, Mayers and Finger in. Also, Mitchell will switch to the wing while Wallin will move to center.

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