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Welcome Puck Worlds to SBN!


Bruce Peter, aka saskhab, has joined the SBN Hockey Megaverse to provide coverage of the international game we all love. Head over there to say hello and check out his coverage of the IIHF World Championships.

SBN Presents Your New Homepage: The New SBNation.com


SB Nation has been doing it's damndest to become the first stop for sports fans. In addition to 212 (and counting!) individual blogs SBN is unveiling the revamped SBNation.com. Here's what Tyler Blezinski wants you to know: SBNation.com will seek to do on a national level what each SB Nation network blog already does for its team or sport: provide the most timely, engaging and highest quality fan perspective information and conversation on the web. TechCrunch has more on the move.

SBN Adds Mobile Commenting and Twitter, Ruins Your Productivity


Check out the site's new features: Mobile Commenting and Twitter.

Mobile commenting, easy re-tweeting enabled


Some quick site business: Don't know how many of you access Lighthouse Hockey via mobile phone, but the tech team behind SB Nation has launched an update that allows you to submit comments from your phone. Probably something that's more common in-season when actual games are being played, but save that in your quiver. They tested a lot of phones and browsers, but if you have trouble on yours, please let them know at support@sbnation.com. They've also added a one-click "re-tweet" icon to each post. In case you're on Twitter and want to pass a post on, that loads it with the short URL for you. Enjoy! Or save for later. I have to say one of the many cool things about blogging here is the imaginative, always-responsive tech team. They rock just a tad.

Continuous Improvement


SBN's made some big changes to make your experience that much better.

Please Welcome The Cannon!


Just in time for the franchise's first playoff game Mirtle has added a Blue Jackets blog. SBN Hockey now has every team represented!

SBN Playoff Hub


Good news! SB Nation has once again developed a hub so that you can follow all of the stories from across the megaverse.   How do you get something on the hub? * Must be a story or a fanpost...

SB Nation Partners with NHL.com


Jim Bankoff has done some amazing things for SBN and especially the hockey sites. Along with the Yahoo content partnership he has created a ground-breaking partnership with the NHL. As I understand it, right now it only applies to the playoff sites (dammit Leafs!) but hopefully it is a success.

Welcome Copper 'n Blue to SBN!


Please welcome the latest addition to the megaverse as the Canadian teams are finally all represented.

Second City Hockey just got a lot more photo-y


There's a ton of perks to having this site be part of the SBN team.  We're in easy contact with great bloggers for just about every team, there's a great commenting system that makes following a...

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